Friday, March 25, 2011

Zion I & The Grouch - I Used to Be Vegan

"we think it's wrong to hurt animals and raise animals just to slaughter them and kill them because animals feel pain just like humans do. being cruel to an animal is like being yourself, i mean to a human, it's alive...its something thats alive and it feels pain and it has feelings, and it thinks...its wrong for humans to take advantage of the fact that they can physically, you know, control animals. ~ the grouch

i had the opportunity to interview both the grouch and zumbi of zion i at their in-store show at music millennium in portland, oregon:

the grouch & mc zumbi of zion i speak to why they created "i used to be vegan" at music millennium in portland, oregon. before turning the camera on them, i told them that i'm vegan, i had seen the peta video interview, and that i represent the vegan hip hop movement.  to be perfectly honest, i was ill prepared for this exchange and considering that there was a line of 20 or so people behind me it wasn't the place for a debate so i simply asked them to elaborate on "i used to be vegan."


  1. They shouldve named this song "I used to use my brain". Most idiotic song in a while. The hell with these guys...

  2. i couldn't agree w/you more. it's not as if they ever did a pro-vegan song so why not only make this awful song, but essentially embrace it as their favorite? when i saw them for this interview in portland for their free in-store they played this as their grand finally...they only did 3 songs, but this was what they decided to play to end their set and the audience loved it. bitter non and ex-vegans in full attendance that day apparently.

  3. allow me to back up grouch a little bit.. i used to be straight-edge.. then one day i realized there were factors that made me uncomfortable with having that label on my identity. for one there were many idiotic factions within the sXe movement that i wanted to distance myself, and also when i thought about it more and more i realized that things werent so hardline or black and white. for example theres no studies to back up the fact that weed is bad for you.. ex. eventually i felt like i was trapped inside of some label i put on myself.. i wasnt even trying to smoke or anything but i wouldnt say im a sxe anymore.. i think theres some parallels with veganism. grouch spits the real.

  4. Been a fan of the grouch since -fuck the dumb 98, but this song is so disappointing. Being straight edge or follow some trend or label (vegan) is a choice. Animals have no choice. This song is lame and weak. I used to be vegan, but now corporations and labels got me kneeling.


Krudas Cubensi-El Veganeo