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XLR8R TV Episode 56: Labtekwon on B-more PART 1/2

Labtekwon Word Is Bond Interview Part 3 - Spoken Word, Indie Labels & Ve...

b-girls and plant-based diets

i saw this film the other night at U.N.I.T.Y. CULTURE (Hip-Hop Conference):

and damn it was dope!!  i can't wait until this film is available for purchase.  anyhow, i must admit, i didn't represent the vhhm like i would have liked to.  during the q&a rokafella (nyc), aiko (san jose) and lady champ (chi) exchanged words with the audience for over a half-hour.  i wanted to ask them about how they sustain themselves as veteran b-girls with regards to diet and lifestyle considering "the hip hop state of emergency" supanova slom talks about here:

and considering that b-girls/b-boys are clearly the most physically active members of the hip hop community i was curious to know where they stand with what's expressed by one of their fellow b-boys (mr. wiggles) and graffiti artists (justin bua).

that being said, i intend to pass this question onto the panelists (b-girls) via the web and hope to return with some feedback from them.

p.s. sad to say the free food choices were non plant-based pizza and chicken wings at the closing event featuring vegan hip hop artists sa-roc and dj sol messiah.  i also noticed that rita j's facebook page had something about raw foods on it just the other day, so it's likely that she too didn't consume any of the death food options that are all too common (when "food" is served) at hip hop events.

p.p.s. i figured i'd just add an example of a vegan b-girl (bgirl queen from italy) for good measure (smile):

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Verbal Kent & Kaz One - Fast Forward Fast Forward [Explicit]: Verbal Kent: MP3 Downloads

Fast Forward [Explicit]

pardon the nasty product placement ( but this was the only place i could find this song streaming and coincidentally the sample references the part of the song i wanted to showcase anyway. (ha)

Looptroop - Carneval

Scienz Of Life - Ms. Nuwaubian PROMOE - Europe's best rappers in the spotlight PETA2! PROMOE - Europe's best rappers in the spotlight PETA2!

english translation:

PROMOE - Europe's best rapper in the exclusive Talk!

Hip Hop that can be anything other than music that glorifies violence with the offended, humiliated women and material wealth is widely celebrated throughout Europe have already demonstrated that many bands. And in Germany it is no secret that there are artists, whose positive attitudes and open-minded and whose horizon extends further than the next (verbal) confrontation with members of other crews. One of Europe's most successful Hip Hop bands are from Sweden, Looptroop, the political hip hop in the past found many supporters, and the last of her album? Fort Europa? in Germany sold more than 10,000 units. Their frontman PROMOE operates alongside Looptroop as a solo artist and released in late September, his third solo album? White Man? S Burden? On which he mixes in twelve songs hip hop with reggae, dancehall, ragga, dub and a variety of other styles. Not only his music, even the sometimes very political and in-depth texts of vegan friendly draw him as a soothing counterpart familiar hip-hop musicians, who can be seen daily on MTV. On a beautiful September evening PROMOE took the time to speak with PETA2. In addition, PROMOE PETA2 three songs from his new album made ​​available, which can be heard here in an exclusive pre-Stream! You, with six albums, three with Mobb Deep and three grown as PROMOE and worldwide tours to a well-respected hip hop artist. Can you still remember the early days of Looptroop and your music career? Yes (laughs)! Do you know what's really funny? We as a band and I always had as a solo artist that confidence in it, that our music sounds good, right from the start. Even from our first demo recordings we thought they would sound good. And when I look at the lead today before my eyes, I wonder how on earth we could ever muster the courage to play those songs to anyone before. After all, no, they do not sound good! In 1995, we began to bring out tapes and distribute them. At that time I went to a concert of THE ROOTS even Black Thought (MC of The Roots) and have him hold tape in our hands. To make matters worse, I told him also: Hey, listen you gotta earn, that's my band and we are really good?. Man, but today I would sink into the ground! When was the point was reached where Looptroop for you to full-time employment was? Although I just described the situation in 1995, it was not the point at which the band was professional. At that time we started a lot of shows on graffiti jams or events to play, for a life of music ranging from but not this. Then we brought more and more vinyls and EPs out myself until we finally found a 1998 name for our label.This was the birth of David vs.. Goliath, our own record company, where are all up today and PROMOE Looptroop albums released. Even when we licensed some of them on Burning Heart Records. In 2000 I finally threw my studies, what was the date on which the music was not only my life but also my livelihood source.

Dear animal Reimer: PROMO!

In the future, all your albums on David vs.. Goliath appear, or can you imagine Looptroop or promotional publications lay entirely in the hands of another label?
When we founded the label, we had a clear claim DIY. The label was and is an independent label. Our idea was to keep our music to our own, independent hands in order to maintain full control over our work. These things is to do yourself good, no question. But we must not forget that this work is also very time consuming. And the time I put into the label was missing work, me for writing songs, recording albums and tours for the samples. That's why I've decided to bring my records to myself while out, by the licensing deal with Burning Heart is me but the promotion and sales activity declined, which I find very enjoyable. But to directly answer your question: It used to be unthinkable for me to give my work from the hand. Today I think that neither I nor Looptroop cling to such notions have. Say there is a possibility that we may one day an album without the assistance of David vs.. Goliath on another label release. But it is unlikely that this happens. Because the deal would give us a lot of freedoms and we have even if we albums via vs. David. Make Goliath and then license. But who knows exactly if in a few years ago formats such as CDs and LPs are even still in demand. What do you mean? The music industry is still very dynamic, legal downloads are on the rise and the download figures in many countries have relevance for one have recording an album in the charts. So I can imagine that in a few years, the main task of a label is to download to sell but no classical formats more. Do you think that it further consequences for musicians and record companies will come up? It will be harder, the music to live because you have less money that we now need time to earn life is. I think that for example, sponsoring an artist will play a role in the future. And frankly I'm afraid that we have to make deals that we had not previously made, just to be able to continue to live by our music. Sponsorship I do not like, because the companies that can afford sponsorship, large, international corporations have their business practices I disagree. Yet I can not say today whether I can live as a musician in the future without financial support from a sponsor. From what you've said so far, one can read out that you're a very unconventional hip-hop musician who has little to image and gives material wealth. On? White Man? S Burden? you even say literally that you want no one to be representative for the violence and sexism known music genres. Do you mind if hip hop is perceived by the public as such a music genre? That Hip Hop is one of sexism and violence infused genre, the kids will be exemplified by many musicians, you can see every day on MTV. I tell you quite honestly: No, it does not bother me anymore, that people view hip hop as sexist and glorifying violence. Because of the popular hip-hop is sexist and glorifying violence. Thus the impression of many people is not wrong. Five or six years, then I was disturbed this impression. At that time, my music, hip-hop but was also more important than today. Looptroop PROMOE and are born from the influence of early hip hop bands like Public Enemy.However, we have developed and created new scenes musically and mentally, but incorporated into the Hip Hop music and attitude, but are not limited to hip hop. That's why I see myself as someone also limited, which is of such a public opinion on hip hop, how do you muster it affected. I myself have anything against hip hop, which runs on MTV. Therefore I have no problem when other people criticize him as well and take what he is. The song? trash €? on? White Man? s Burden? is this, right? Yes, the song is sexist and violent tendencies criticized in the hip-hop, the song and yes even 50 CENT DIPSET by Juelz Santana named. The intention is to lower fronts against both rappers and their genre in general. Rather do? Euro Trash? start young people who like to listen to hip hop and get in touch with the scene from each other, show that there is yet another hip-hop world than the one they see on MTV. The song? Fast Food World? from your 2004 album? The Long Distance Runner? comes to veganism and your vegan diet. Was it easy for you to handle this issue in a song? For me it's always like that I install an influence only after a certain time in a song. Say I had to listen to reggae for a few years before I began reggae elements into my songs to build one. So it was with veganism. After many years I was a vegetarian, I became vegan in 2001. Then it took three years vegan diet before I processed it in a whole song once, after I had spoken in individual text phrases again and again about the issue. So I would not say that it was difficult to handle in a Veganism song. I had it before? Fast Food World? just have not tried hard enough. And? White Man? s Burden? is the theme in a phrase? The hottest vegan course menue on your hip hop? in the song? Time travellin? Consideration.The line was built in the emotion or conscious? Like many other lines in my songs and hip hop songs in general, the phrase was in affect. I remember quite well at the moment of creation of the song, I already had the rhyme with?, Looptroop the site, as the first verse and was looking for something that is on? Nu? rhymes. ? Menu? came almost automatically, because I think constantly eating. What is your favorite food? I am a freak and I love eating fresh fruits, nuts, tofu and such well-made. And tofu burgers? Sausages I do not like, however, because my heart beats for food that comes directly from nature. PROMOE, thank you for your time and the interview. you care, why Thomas D. ,Kool Savas , Morrissey , Eva Briegel of July , Mike Ness of Social Distortion , Andy from CALIBAN and the guys fromRise Against are convinced vegetarians? Why are MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE and Ben from Billy Talent to worry about animal rights? Why P! nk 's commitment to animals and AS I LAY DYING are against fur? Then check out some FAQs on the subjects of our vegetarianism , fur and animal rights . Delicious vegetarian recipes you can find here . If you have further questions, write to us to fix: .

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