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Cuban Rappers Krudas Cubensi Bring Their Feminist Agenda to Santa Ana's SolArt Gallery Café - Page 1 - Music - Orange County - OC Weekly

Cuban Rappers Krudas Cubensi Bring Their Feminist Agenda to Santa Ana's SolArt Gallery Café - Page 1 - Music - Orange County - OC Weekly

Entro emcee aka Professor Grift-Vegan Galactus Rough Demo

panika "the vegetarian"

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haven't heard a peep from panika in years.  she made contact w/the vegan hip hop movement years ago on myspace, but no words from her in quite some time and very little activity on her page unfortunately.  if you have any updates please inform...

s-1 "the warriors song"

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with S-1
Taken from the POP N01, the Path of Perfection Newsletter


Being an anti-capitalist vegan straightedge, how do you conciliate the practice of Islam with your lifestyle and what relevance does it have in it? Do you feel that being a muslim strengthens in any way your ideology?
I will start with the last part of your question by saying that being muslim is to refill that part of your own self which has been emptied during your growth in modern societies. Being muslim means that you recognize that there's One Creator and that your life is, as all other things in the planet are, naturally submitted to Him. Therefore when you're born, you are in this original state. It is not until you're able to assimilate the influence of the corporate controlled modern culture that you grow out of this natural state.
It's bad for the modern world that people remain closely attached to their natural ways and live accordingly, because knowing their purpose of life, people will never come to that point in their lives where they end up giving in to materialistic consumption to fill that void. This is why atheism has become so popular in capitalist societies, people are stripped out of the meaning of their lives to become craving clients for the products that the materialistic modern world, ruled by corporations, has to sell.
So being a muslim strengthens me in a great way as human being, with a natural purpose, and reconnects me with my natural self, the way I was supposed to be in the first place and that obviously strengthens my ideology as well, alhamdulillah.

You do all your lyrics, beats, recordings, production, etc, bringing back the true DIY to the music scene, where today it is nowhere to find. Why DIY? Is it just a matter of being more practical and being able to control all the steps of the process or is it a rather political stance that you're also taking with this project?
Well, after so many years involved in the political punk/hardcore scene I think it came to a point where it's a natural thing, I mean, before you question yourself "who can do the job", you think "can I do it?". That mindset really empowers you so much.
So I guess it's more practical because you only rely on yourself to get things done the way you want, even though obviously if you're learning from scratch how to work with really complex software and stuff. the quality of the final product is not amazing, but that's something that has very little significance to me, since I'm not after a musician career and all I want is to spread a message. On the other hand it is a political stance most definitely, because by doing yourself you're setting your own alternative to commerce, to the whole selling-buying concept, you're just being independent from capitalism or any other economic ruling system. Not paying is really not taking part.

Tell us about your lyrics. How does the whole process of writing happens, and what stuff inspire you the most to write about? Why do you write mostly in portuguese?
I've always been a lot into writing, although i'm not by any means a writer, but again, that's not the most important here. Everyone should be voicing their opinions despite their writing skills, doing zines, panphlets, and whatever, that's what matters really.
I still write a lot nowadays, it's a good way of testing your knowledge and arguing skills. And i think a lot in what i'm writing about, so writing really turns into a productive process of thinking and arguing just with myself, where i can test how good i know certain things and how right am i really in taking certain stands. Most of the times i will know after i do a text, if i need to read more or not about the issue, but surely if i don't i still manage to shape better my ideas and arguments regarding that particular issue.
My lyrics come from a very similar kind of process, i'm very strict and careful when it comes to writing lyrics. They must be as complete and inspiring as any good rebel manifesto and deliver the message also just as good. I think it's a great privilege that people actually listen to what you're saying, so it should be taken really serious.
I'm inspired by everything in life, good and bad. I tend to focus a lot more on political issues for obvious reasons, but i explore more personal stuff now. For some time i used only a strictly political perspective, i kept out my religion, my views on relationships, social behaviors, etc, but now i'm putting it all in, to be complete. I am a muslim anti-capitalist vegan drug free person and i'm merging it all in my lyrics as i do in my life.
For this project, most lyrics are in portuguese because i'm trying to make it easier for my people, focusing primarily on the people around me and talk to them, and that could only come fully by using our native spoken tongue. Still i do, and will continue on doing some lyrics in english inshallah, as long as it's a valid option, not just because.

Although this is a hip-hop project, it grew from the hardcore vegan straightedge scene. Is that your target audience with this project? Do you have any specific message to the hardcore scene?
It's true, it grew from the political vegan straightedge hardcore scene and is deeply influenced and inspired by it in an overall perspective of how to use music to spread a message, which I think is the most important aspect of all in it.
This project is meant to reach as many people as possible. My goal is always the same, get people to think and ultimately change their own lives so that social change can happen. So yes, my target audience is also the hardcore scene even though political and social awareness are matters almost absent these days in the scene. But i just think we must give back, despite how much it has changed or how disappointed with it we are, it has influenced so many people's lives and it's up to us to fuel it with positive values and ideas, so that people inside feel affected by it in the most positive way.

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Homeboy Sandman "Mean Mug"/"Strange Planet"

KRS-ONE + LifeRegenerator rapping about RAW FOOD!

KRS-One Vegan Go Veg 2/12/11 The Roxy West Hollywood, CA

The Hip-Hop State of Emergency By Supa Nova Slom

Keith Tucker & Shyan Selah discuss his new Film

can't get pt. 3 to respond...

Shyan Selah, BNW & Keith Tucker Tell Hip Hop Youth to Go Green - Hip Hop Press

Shyan Selah, BNW & Keith Tucker Tell Hip Hop Youth to Go Green - Hip Hop Press

the grouch & eligh-rivers run dry

gina loring-about me

The Git Back (Lovely)

"About Me"

 (the hazy figure above next to "play" is the link to the song)

From the album The Git Back (Lovely)

Russell Simmons on his vegan diet, Obama and yoga

N.O.R.E. Goes Vegan

Occasionally bloated rapper N.O.R.E. has gone vegan. (Why do we say “gone vegan”? It’s not like he’s “gone on vacation.” You don’t say “I have gone meat eater.” There is something sinister about the movement implicit in becoming vegan.) He’s lost sixty-five pounds on the diet thus far, and has also quit alcohol. It appears, however, that his submergence into the world of leafy greens and seitan is not prompted strictly by a desire to shed weight but by a Jane Goodall-like animal zen. In the above video of N.O.R.E. at a vegan Jamaican restaurant in Miami (N.O.R.E. is that Beehive? Because the food looks tight as fuck) he has ill will for those who choose to eat dead animals, asks fellow vegan Russell Simmons to call him and then says that he didn’t vote but made sure his girl did. How much you wanna bet there is a Michael Pollen name drop on his next record? Time for the Earth Crisis mashup, Hood Internet.

N.O.R.E. Goes Vegan

Go Vegan Radio - November 2010

ALF Film, Super Bugs, Hip Hop Goes Vegan (keith tucker) -

the latest from GO VEGAN WITH BOB LINDEN

MURS Keeps It Real

MURS Keeps It Real

West Coast lyricist MURS is known to get personal in his rhymes. This time he sat down with peta2 to give his personal take on his new album, being veg, and how we should send Mac Danzig over to KFC to handle some business.

Here he is in his own words.
Tell us about your album MURS for President.
It's my contribution to humanity's great oral tradition and it's my secret attempt to add some peace and love to the world of hip hop in a creative and fun but still aggressive manner. So I'm trying to trick everyone. Secretly I say the words peace and love on every song.
You pretty much have a nonstop touring schedule. How do you handle that?
It's like a religion and depending on what kind of artist - even if you're a phony of an artist or a televangelist - you're going and spreading your gospel from city to city. It's an oral tradition - musicians used to travel from city to city, and sometimes you get the best wine and the most available women, and then you move on to the next city, or in my case, a vegetable plate and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
When you're out on tour, where do you like to eat?
I can't even lie to you - I had Taco Bell last night at like 2 in the morning and I'm going to have it again for lunch. I love, love, love Taco Bell!
What are some of your favorite vegetarian snacks that you always have with you—that you can't live without?
I think mainly those - what do you call them? GORP? Good ol' raisins and peanuts. V8s are always good. That's one thing that you can't find on the road - fresh vegetables. All the myths about protein - the whole food pyramid - was concocted by the American government to help the farmers.
So you're a pretty healthy vegetarian.Exactly, we're the only species that still feels we need to drink the milk of others. And then we're the only being that drinks milk period as an adult. That's another thing that people think - that you can't be muscular or strong without eating flesh. Mac Danzig is an Ultimate Fighter and he is vegan. He could kick anybody's ass. I really like to see other vegan people doing things that vegans aren't supposed to do.
How do you feel about fur?
I just think that's insane! I think it's just all disgusting. It's gouty, it's pretentious, and it's a dead animal! And the people who wear fur and own little fluffy dogs that look the same as their fur - that is outrageous. Fur is just something I don't understand. It's not even hard to avoid. That might be the top thing I support for animals.
So would you consider those to be your last words of wisdom for your fans, or do you have anything else that you want to add?
Just have a common respect for life and a common respect for yourself. If you really loved yourself, you wouldn't put junk into yourself. And I think you guys should send Mac Danzig in there to punch those KFC people in the face.
If you agree with MURS that being veg is the way to go, please sign here today!

Tajai Speaks Up About Being Vegetarian

Tajai Speaks Up About Being Vegetarian

Tajai Speaks Up About Being Vegetarian
We’re always on the lookout for hip-hop heads who can share a little wisdom and shed light on why they made the choice to go vegetarian. Tajai, part of theHieroglyphics crew and one-quarter of Souls of Mischief, took some time out of his busy schedule of being an emcee and the owner of Clear Label Records to answer a few questions about his vegetarian diet and animal rights.
What we’re trying to do is introduce vegetarianism and animal rights to the hip-hop community. What do you think about that?
To me, it’s great, it’s good—anything that has to do with health. I’m black, so in the black community, to me, it’s important.
What do you think about the animal rights issue?
Well, you know, I don’t eat meat. I believe in animal rights, you know, like I don’t wear fur. It’s not like I’m on the front line, but at the same time, I’m definitely down for animal rights and against animal cruelty.
How long have you been a vegetarian?
Nine years.
What prompted you to go vegetarian?
Really it was a lifestyle more so than a philosophical change. You know, I’m in the music field; we smoked hella weed and drank hella drink. I don’t do that anymore, but at the time I did, and I felt like I had to give up something to ensure longevity. Actually, my daughter was born in ’97, so I was like, OK, I need to change my lifestyle in order to ensure that I’m gonna see my grandkids and things like that, and I haven’t regretted the change. I feel 100 percent better, and I see people when they eat meat and a lot of the ailments they have and a lot of the physical problems they have. I see it, you know? I think my diet has a lot to do with the fact that I don’t get sick, and I feel lighter.
What advice would you give to your fans who are considering going vegetarian?
I say do it. Don’t think that you’re missing out on anything. Actually, to a large extent, meat is added to a lot of things. So I think you can eat well, eat better—it really encourages you to do more with your food as far as spices. So I say go for it. I think it’s definitely a good lifestyle change.
What are some of your favorite vegetarian dishes?
There are so many choices. I think people look at it as a step back, but I’m actually hella more involved in what I eat now that I don’t eat meat, and it taught me how to cook.
Right now, we have a campaign against KFC urging the company to adopt more humane ways of raising and slaughtering its chickens, and so far, KFC hasn’t done anything. What do you think about that?
It’s a bottom line. It’s about pricing. You know, we need more humane ways of mass-manufacturing clothes for people, too, but we got slaves doing it, you know?
Oh yeah, definitely.
Humanity is not what it’s about; it’s about the bottom line, and that’s basically “How can we produce this cheap, quickly, and effectively for the masses?” And as long as people don’t care, it doesn’t matter.
Actually, what we’ve proposed is a method of killing that’s a lot more humane and cheaper.
Wow. I didn’t know that. I guess it’s just obstinacy or the company cost of changing is a lot higher. You know, like it’ll be a long-term realization because it’s cheaper, but the cost of changing will be too high. I mean, for somebody not to save money—especially a capitalist, especially a capitalist from Kentucky—it would have to mean that it’s a cost thing. I don’t think it’s a matter of lack of conscience or anything like that. It’s more like “Hey, this is cheaper, and we’re used to it.”
You mentioned that you don’t wear fur. What do you think about the fur fad?
I think they look gaudy and corny. You look like a big-ass bear wearin’ that shit.
What’s your position on dogfighting?
That shit is retarded. I think two men should get in the ring and box to the death if they want to destroy their pets. If you really love your pet, it’s your companion. Would you have your wife box out with another chick, to where she’s bleedin’ and shit?
Do you have any other thoughts on any other animal rights issues or health issues related to eating meat?
I’m just like this, man: We have been given this beautiful environment as a gift. Let’s start treating it like that and not like we own it, because honestly, we’re of the Earth; the Earth is not of us. And that includes our sovereignty, or supposed sovereignty, over animals. And like you said, we’re at the point where our technology is such that we don’t need to use a lot of animal products, so why do it? I’m Muslim, so you’re supposed to show respect for animals; it’s in the Qur’an. Really, if you can’t treat animals right, you’re not gonna treat no human right. And stop wearing fur, ‘cause that shit is corny.
I’ll make sure that I include that quote.
And stop wearing big-ass gold chains, ‘cause that shit is corny, too; like, get over it. Figure out another way to flaunt your dough.
* * * * *
For most people, it’s a no-brainer that chaining dogs, forcing dogs to fight, and wearing fur aren’t cool, but have you considered that eating animals isn’t either? Take the Veg Pledge and stop supporting an industry that tortures and kills animals and fills your body with saturated fat, cholesterol, chemicals, and other gross things commonly found in animal products.

"Propiedad Privada" Eu Libre

Endless Canvas Store — Endless Canvas - Issue #4 - Pobrecito / Vegan limited edition

Image of Endless Canvas - Issue #4 - Pobrecito / Vegan limited edition

Endless Canvas Store — Endless Canvas - Issue #4 - Pobrecito / Vegan limited edition

Natalie Portman, Ghostface Killah Can Make Tunes, Tofu Together

Natalie Portman, Ghostface Killah Can Make Tunes, Tofu Together

RZA Introduces His “RZA Veggie Burger”

RZA Introduces His “RZA Veggie Burger”

Be mindful of what you ingest: an inner-view with Saul Williams by JR

Be mindful of what you ingest:
an inner-view with Saul Williams

by JR

Ever since the movie “Slam,” Saul Williams has emerged as one of the nation’ s leading spoken word artists. I respect the fact that the Brotha uses his art to educate people about the world that we live in, instead of just getting caught up in wordplay. These are some critical times we live in, and we have to use whatever weapon is at our disposal to hack Uncle Sam’s boot off of our neck. If we don’t do it, we have to realize that there isn’t nobody who is going to come across seas or out of the sky to save us.
The Creator gave us one life and we had better use it, so that our children, nieces and nephews can have a more healthier, freer, more informed life than we are currently living. I have respect for Saul Williams’ work because he is preparing for those better days. Ya’ll check our Brotha out …
JR: Why is it important to be vocal against the war?
Saul: I’m here because I’m alive, and I have a voice, and I use it. It’s a very simple reason. It’s important for myself to be here in the name of people like Paul Robeson, artists who realized their responsibility to connect their talent to the people.
I think of the countless civilians that are right now in Iraq that are terrorized, that are experiencing within themselves a greater sense of terrorism than the average American has ever experienced. … So I’m here to counter real terrorism - and unfortunately real terrorism comes from our home. We know that as Africans who have been enslaved. We know that as Native Americans that have been just decimated over centuries. We know that, so I cannot help but act on what I know.
JR: Do you see a connection between what you see here in the United Snakes with the police terrorism and what is going on in the Middle East?
Saul: Surely, I believe that when you have a twisted justice system or twisted sense of justice, we can go back to the original Euro-centric symbols of justice that are fed to us, like justice is this blind-folded woman, you know?
(Is that) justice, … that humanity is evil and we have to be blindfolded in order to execute real justice, cuz if we could see people then we would judge and we wouldn’t be able to be just in our decision? I don’t believe that people are at the root evil and unable to think beyond their societal training or what have you.
I believe that people at their root are God. And I don’t believe that God is something that you need to fear. I don’t teach a fear of God philosophy. I believe that God is something that you have to be open to in you.
So that when we talk about the police system or the idea of policing humanity, which is what the Bush administration is aiming to do - “We need to police humanity and do this for the sake of humanity” - I think that it is highly flawed. It is built on an unstable foundation that has more to do with imperialistic rule and colonialistic rule and materialistic ideals and capitalistic ideals and dog-eat-dog ideals than it has to do with truth and humanity, and people eating and living and sharing and growing and learning to truly love beyond how we’ve been trained by society.
There’s a responsibility that comes with power, and whether you have a badge or a title, there is power there. But with that power there is a sense of responsibility that you have to execute. And that responsibility is not to protect and serve, first and foremost. That responsibility is to learn and unlearn within yourself so that you can come from a grounded central place and that you do not impose your flaws on others … that you do not impose your false judgments on others. And that’s the message sent out to the police officers or the man with the title or what have you.
So yeah, they are connected, they’re very much connected. It’s all about the responsibility that comes with power. Amerikkka is a very powerful country; there is a great deal of responsibility that comes with that. Hip Hop is very powerful; there is a great deal of responsibility that comes with that.
JR: What do you hope that the outcome is from the readers of this interview?
Saul: I would pray that people are inspired, in particular people of color. I spoke to the Tavis Smiley Show, and their question was why do you think there aren’t more people of color involved in the anti-war movement. So that ’s the common thought, that there aren’t people of color involved.
So why is that? I’m hoping that more (Black people) will be able to make the connections between what’s happening abroad and what has happened here. Unfortunately, because we are so in the middle of all of this, and because we have bought into American ideals and values so heavily, we may just share the fate of your average everyday American, white or whatever. We may share the same fate if we are not careful, if we’re not mindful of our past and of our history, and remember that we have less of a reason to wave that flag.
JR: What do you think about Black involvement? What do you think can inspire more Black youngsters to get involved? What do you think that we need to see? How does it need to be conveyed? How can we organize so that Black people and Black youth in specific will be interested in fighting against this war abroad and on us?
Saul: I really don’t know the answer to that. I think that the first thing that we will unfortunately have to do is turn down the radio. We may have to turn it off. And we have to find the sources that feed us.
Unfortunately the heroes of today’s Black Amerikkka are not really the Martin Kings and the Malcolm Xs, they are the people that we feel have pimped the system and made loot. And when those people run to take photo ops with their living legends, they’d rather pose in pictures with Donald Trump than with Amiri Baraka or Sonia Sanchez. Many of us are facing some twisted ideals and values, and I don’t know how we get out of that. We have to do like mass colonics. We need some sort of cleansing cuz so many of us have bought into something … so I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s a scary thing.
JR: What’s going on with you in terms of your art?
Saul: Right now I just finished a book. It’s coming out next fall, through MTV Books, called “Said the Shotgun to the Head,” and it’s one poem. It’s epic, 200 pages, and it’s a love poem to all of the things that are decaying and destroying the values and ideals of the West, and it’s wild. I just finished that, and last year I put out an album called “Amicus Rock Star.” I’m working on my next album. And I’m also a recurring character - I’ m playing a poet ironically - on UPN’s show called “Girlfriends.” I’m playing a boyfriend of one of the characters. I’m playing a celibate bohemian poet and using every opportunity that I have to get these ideas out there.
JR: When does the book come out?
Saul: The book will come out next September.
JR: What kind of last words of motivation can you give the readers?
Saul: There are no last words. Really, I think that the most important thing that we could do right now is to inform ourselves beyond the way that they are choosing to inform us. Like don’t get your news from the news, from the television or what have you. That ain’t the news. It’s so twisted. We are going to have to find a way to listen to ourselves, so that we could really understand what is going on. We are going to have to tune out of what is being sold to us. So much is being sold to us day by day: “Think Different,” “Just Do It,” “Obey Your Thirst.” You know all of this stuff is coming and we’re taking it from every direction, and we don’t even realize it.
The biggest thing that I will say is this: Be mindful of what you ingest. Some of us take steps like, “I don’t eat beef or pork anymore,” “I’m watching my diet.” But realize that your diet is not only what you eat, it’s what you watch, it’s what you listen to, all of that is digested. You may be vegan, but then the music that you listen to is full of beef and the tv shows that you watch are full of pork. So you got to be mindful of what you digest on every level.
You can keep up with Saul Williams through www.saulwilliams. com. Email JR atfire@sfbayview. com.


Saul Williams Makes A Heartfelt Argument For Going Vegan | :: the latest in green gossip

“How is it that we as human beings can represent both the highest and most developed and lowest and least concerned forms of intelligence of any living species? Are we simply glued to age-old barbaric traditions that cloud our senses and render us inhumane in our dependence on comfort foods and practices? Is our dependence on foreign oil the only thing we need to curb? What about not-so-foreign species?”

Saul Williams Makes A Heartfelt Argument For Going Vegan | :: the latest in green gossip

justin bua-true hip hop

True hip hop is... (5)

...True hip hop is irreverent and subversive always challenging the status quo. Looking for the most peaceful and the best for all man kind... That's why there are so many vegans in Hip Hop- Mr. Wiggles, DJ Q Bert, Russell Simmons, Dead Prez, The RZA, Mear 1, Saul Williams, BUA and the list goes on.

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Aquifer - Don't Die Waiting


Aquifer - Don't Die Waiting

Click the album cover to download "Don't Die Waiting" for FREE. If the download fails, try the link above the cover. You may have to use "right-click/save-as" to download on some browsers.

Krudas Cubensi-El Veganeo