Wednesday, October 12, 2011

'Labtekwon - Vegan Grub - 2010' Torrent Download ::

'Labtekwon - Vegan Grub - 2010' Torrent Download ::

A segment demonstrating techniques in preparing vegan dishes and important nutritional information for those interested in a vegan lifestyle.
this edition of Vegan Grub includes:
Basic Nutritional Information
Break Fast (Raw food dish)
Lab Sammich (Cooked food dish)
West Side Salad (Raw food dish)
Vegan Smoothie (Raw food dish)

Pursuit of a Green Planet

Sunday, October 9, 2011


A word of warning to vegan graffiti writers: don’t get caught in New York City. Graffiti bomber turned designer CLAW paid a friendly visit to UTAH, who is recently incarcerated on Riker’s Island, and twitters: “She said it’s not so bad, like a ghetto sleepaway camp. Suave shamps. She is starving b/c she is vegan. No tempeh on the island apparently.” According to the Department of Corrections, inmates with special dietary needs have to go to the clinic and get the nutrionist to issue a special id card. Apparently that’s easier said than done.
Over instant message, CLAW tells us it took a lawsuit-threatening letter before “they finally got her soy milk and peanut butter.” The other option is finding a chaplain, like Rabbi Leib Glanz, to illegally hook up Goodfellas-style prison feasts.
Photo by true2death

Dialog - The End

dirty drummer featuring der thinc "playground"

Playground/Dirty Drummer

from what der thinc has to say about diet i imagine that he practices a plant-based diet or at least a cleaner diet than you're average person, but i cannot find anything about him or a way to contact him directly. let me know if you are able to connect w/him or his material.

chicago emcee, rita j. talks about her transition to veganism

youtube option

SAFARI-BLACK "STACK IT UP" (brinks mix) ! Prod. By DJ Vaughn

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Apathy - Chemical

"what they inject in meat, in the food you eat nowadays make you lazy and wanna go to sleep, chemicals seep in dirt, work deep in earth spin babies in the womb feet first at birth, leaves embryonic fluid polluted and kids stupid, fruit juice diluted, your drinkin water putrid, the chemicals, heroin, built to be american pussies puke blood, baby mamas miscarriage-in , additives, preservatives, add to my nervousness bad when it surfaces, the madness is murderous"

Sabac Red - Shift of the Earth

PETA 'Vegetarian' Rapper: 'Meat Ain't Murder, It's What's For Dinner!'

PETA 'Vegetarian' Rapper: 'Meat Ain't Murder, It's What's For Dinner!'

Krudas Cubensi-El Veganeo