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'I Used to Be a Vegan' by Zion I & the Grouch: Vegan Underground Rap, Yo! - Orange County Restaurants and Dining - Stick a Fork In It

'I Used to Be a Vegan' by Zion I & the Grouch: Vegan Underground Rap, Yo! - Orange County Restaurants and Dining - Stick a Fork In It

this song is actually quite unfortunate for so many reasons. for starters, where did the grouch's politics go--the one's he expressed to peta a few years prior to the release of this or his ode to his newborn on the previous zion i & the grouch album ("10 fingers, 10 toes, 10 lbs, 10 oz")? seems that grouch's ethical-eating/vegan experience was rather short-lived. why didn't they have a pro-vegan anthem when they were practicing a plant-based/decolonized diet? to bash a vegan/plant-based/decolonized diet esp. within communities of color is very troubling considering all the dis-ease we're dealing with...to be honest, i'm bored w/this already and would rather refer whoever that might be reading this to check out supanova slom's "purify or die" and "sugar crack" to connect w/something that's way more about food justice.

see this for more context.

peta2.de:: The Vegan CallYa rapper in an interview!

peta2.de:: The Vegan CallYa rapper in an interview!

Callya, the vegan rappers in the interview!

Who does not? CallYa is one of THE Rapgrößen the animal rights scene. With his compelling voice, his deep beats and his profound writings he always hits the bull's eye. The sympathetic Tübingen has with the collabo LP LA RESISTANCE created by several artists together a mix of hip hop and soul that simply just fun. Currently, he featured the album " Plan 88"Madcap and albino, two other serious rapper of the animal liberation movement. If you want to see him live, even checked out his website or ask him directly whether he wants to play may be on your solos Party / After-demoparty ... But check out our previous interview with CallYa !


CALLYAS latest album, "Forgotten Fire".
Hey Callya. Thank you for your time take us to answer a few questions.

Sure, you. You live vegan. How and when did it happen that you decide that you want to completely give up animal products?The thought process had to start when I first heard the track had "no rights" on the LP of albino. I was human activity in general compared to already very critical, and thought: Who wants to change something, has no choice but to start with yourself. I saw myself forced me to deal with the issue, and stood first in conflict with myself. I noticed that all the arguments I was trying to raise, however, ultimately do not arrive to the arguments in favor of an animal product-free lifestyle. I said then: either you live with a lie, or do you draw the consequences. I opted for the latter, and it first tried a vegetarian diet. Two years later I moved to step to veganism, which I really wanted to do from the beginning. I've also noticed there again, that all fears were completely unfounded - such as the fear of abandonment. The fear quickly evaporates when you realize how easy it is, after all, and you will discover many new things. To date I have not the slightest feeling that I would be missing something in my life - quite the contrary: I feel so well like never before!

What would you advise young people who do not know whether and how to take that step?

I advise you to swallow the right pill, you know, like in Matrix - and you just once with the subject deal . Asks questions. Look at how your food was before it landed on your plate. And how it looks when you take an animal's life and liberty. And I can only say, as far as an animal product-free lifestyle: It's not as difficult as one would often paints! Try it out, there are now so many ways to get delicious, healthy, easy to feed and animal product-free and to live. You're honest and down to earth music with German lyrics. Congratulations! Who or what has influenced you most? There is music in which I just say what I think and with which I shall pass on some positive energy. There are a lot of what influenced me. First, it is probably my surroundings, the people I meet and with whom I change myself. I always think it's important before you begin to deal with any human theories, sits down to reflect on himself and his environment. It's like a hall of mirrors (grins). I would say I'm more heart than head man. As for me, of course, also very influenced by the music that I listen to yourself. Right now that's a lot of the reggae and dancehall area, or melodic hip-hop experiments. What are your current projects? relative is currently just the big collabo LP, La Resistance disc with Microphone Mafia, anarchist Acedemy, Meditias, Chaoze One Lotta C. and in stores. I am currently working with Albino just been so ever on the planned joint disc.For this project, I still have a couple of times wonderful, classic Hip Hop Beatz unpacked. I do not want to reveal too much, but I see it is an interesting blend of thoughtful, melodic hooks with rape deepen. In addition I am working on my new album for which I want to take much time because it will be very different than my previous stuff. It will be melodic and experimental.

Is it possible to give even live to be convinced of your charm?

is yes, because there are always possibilities. Lately though I consider myself something back in terms of gigs, because I just want to take some time to hone new styles. But there will of course continue to live gigs, then just look at my MySpace page , there always are there any concerts. If you want me to come to your city, then I'm happy here, if you want to organize something good. Write me anemail in the fall. For spring 2010 are albino, and I incidentally still looking for event organizers or organizers. What is your favorite vegan dish? One of my favorite vegan dishes is a self-creation that has evolved over time and proven. It is a kind of tomato-soy goulash with couscous, Moroccan spices, best with homemade guacamole and vegan tzatziki. I have the recipe on here kochmeister.com published - here's the link: Thank you for the interview!

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Sarah's Blog: Kin Keezy

Sarah's Blog: Kin Keezy

"Does this make me gangsta? I got a shout-out in the song Cupcakes by Kin Keezy." Sarah Kramer
i'm calling attention to this to show the blatant ignorance that is so common in the dominant (white) culture where hip hop is concerned. i actually responded to sarah kramer and indicated how offensive her ridiculous comment was, but i cannot relocate her original posting that i replied to. (not surprised) of course i was critical about such nonsense, but she blew me off and suggested that she was only joking and told me to relax. anyhow, i'm not surprised about any of this anymore...

Interview with rapper albino [animal rights initiative, Rhein-Main]

Interview with rapper albino [animal rights initiative, Rhein-Main]

Interview with rapper albino
When you enter the last three years at one of the Großemonstrationen against the fur trade Fur & Fashion Frankfurt have participated in, then you surely know him.Albino rapper from Kiel involved, often with his political rape of animal rights demos and live well even vegan. Kokot Irene him for TIRM! interviewed.
IK : How did the idea with you to combine hip hop with animal rights issues?
A : Hip Hop with me since my school days, more precisely since 1988. It took several years before I moved from being mere consumers of culture an active part of the movement. Since the day when I wrote the first rap songs, it was clear that this form of expression for me is a kind of therapy. All that concerns me emerges, so sooner or later on in my lyrics. Now it so happened that I became a vegetarian in 1993 because of books and television reports and I have dealt more and more with the human-animal relationship. This topic has become a fundamental part of my life, and therefore it also appears repeatedly in my songs. In practical terms it is seen simply a connection of what brings me pleasure (music), my talent (densities) and what I like most at heart (animal liberation).
IK : Are you or were you already own active in animal rights scene? On your homepage there is a link to the Kiel animal rights initiative.
A : Our involvement in the animal rights scene for me began in 2000, a year after I've become vegan. Initially this was limited to the visit of demonstrations and performances on solo concerts. In Kiel, I'm part of TibiK, the Animal Liberation Initiative keel, which currently sees its main aim is to support the campaign against the fur industry and most recently in late April 2006, the sixth Organized Antispeziesistische Northern demonstration.
IK : You say in your song No Peace "" of vegan revolution. What do you picture below, do you think it is realistic?
A :. The demand for a vegan revolution, of course, is striking and shortened the title, but nevertheless a realistic
access to veganism took place with me as with many others about emotions. The images of the slaughterhouse reality of brutal animal transport, the experimental laboratory, all this has caused a tremor in my heart, which finally prompted the move to veganism. I think it's important to stand at this point does not remain. Gradually I realized that it is necessary to see veganism in a wider political context, that the animal exploitation can not be completed independently of other power structures. I want to experience a truly non-violent society, and this is only possible vegan.
The revolution begins in and around us. Violence in our society must be discussed and redefined. This may be the beginning of a realization process within the company. Of course, I think in this sense is a vegan revolution is realistic.
I think it is important that we show patience and perseverance. The trial of a vegan revolution will take time. But it's a start, he initiated the process and will no longer be unstoppable. It may be that we no longer realize the full social experience will be. I'm sure that we are part of a movement that will definitely achieve their goal.
IK : You're talking in the song of the same animal corpse eaters. Do you think you can motivate with such terms even non-vegans or meat-eaters to live cruelty-free?
A : I think that makes the song not only peace with a clear sense of language. It is intended to motivate and arouse an active animal rights activists on the other people who had nothing to do with animal rights and animal liberation have nothing. It is intended to stimulate thought, of course, but also provoke. My experience shows me that this is often more extensive and deeper conversations can result in which I can give my opinion on.
No peace is much more aggressive than without rights, but I think both songs complement each other well. As I said at the beginning, rap is also therapeutic, because it can sometimes be that the anger can not hold back. On my new album, survival training, which appear in late August, is a new animal rights song is included, which is more likely to have a quieter, more personal character.
IK : You're living vegan - you're so lucky when it comes to practical implementation?
A : I live Vegan since 1999, six years before that I was a vegetarian. Whether I'm happy with the implementation? Oh yes, definitely. Initially I had, like many others, concerns about the "stay" and the daily food composition and the abandonment of old habits. This has then quickly crushed.
It formed a new normal, not least thanks to the ever-increasing number of delicious vegan alternatives to conventional, based on animal exploitation, food supply. In any case, I was inspired by frequent cooking with friends. Vegan food just encourages the imagination and so what the heck, I oute now: I'm greedy!
IK: What are the target audience you want with your music? What can cause hip hop within the animal rights work?
A : I have no specific target group. I'm a libertarian vision that affects the entire society, namely the abolition of domination and exploitation conditions and their structures. So I want to reach everyone possible. This is for example the reason why I appear happy with demos in pedestrian zones, where the entire social spectrum is available.
Of course, mainly be people who rap like as well as people who move into the animal rights scene, with my music in touch. But to again come back to the pedestrian area.Here I see again and again to what rap music is capable. She is able to generate emotions, to stimulate discussion, arouse interest, reduce frustration and to motivate. I think in conclusion said that rap music can enrich the work of animal rights very much.
IK : How come at your writing in the hip-hop scene?
A : At the beginning of my musical work that was still quite ambivalent. People who were on political rap, they found good. The "typical" Hip Hopper had, I do not entirely wrong, a few problems with me, but because it took a few years until my style has evolved. Since a few years the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Even with the animal rights texts, interestingly, I have had very positive experiences. I can say that I am of the people with whom I come in contact with the music, brought up frequently on the subject of veganism / animal rights. I come here mainly to open and interested people. The personal conversations on Demos and before and after the concerts are very important to me. I get this a lot of feedback and was so happy that I could give many apparently thinking a few suggestions with my lyrics. The other way round, I too have learned a lot from the many discussions and attempts example, suggestions or criticism to implement, both for new as well as older texts.
Of course there's also quite a few that deal with the issue of animal rights / animal liberation does not want to deal seriously and try to all to ridicule. The whole thing will happen but rather in forums on the Internet, not in personal contact.
Rapper increases the number of my vegan after watching it. So I got to know last vegan MCs like Callya (Tübingen), Illya Sick and Tetsuo (both Bremen).
Also, for example Nic Knatterton (Aachen) and deal Chaoze One (Karlsruhe), the human-animal relationship in their texts critically.
IK : What do you think the animal rights movement in the next 50 years is realistic to achieve?
A : In order to concretely start, I think that trading with real fur is sure to be abolished long ago. In addition, the social acceptance of vegetarianism and veganism are becoming increasingly important. Vegan will live in my estimation, in 50 years not unusual any more.
I hope that will be permanently discontinued in 50 years, the chapter on animal welfare, that is to say, have the people who felt once committed to the protection of animals are identified, that it should not go primarily to improve the situation within the industry exploitation, but at the end of the exploitation and killing non-human individuals by man. I hope the animal rights movement are politicized, and they can continue to sensitize society to the extent that it recognizes that we live in a society that from beginning to end violent. I hope that motivates the animal rights movement and remains precarious. That it is always numerically greater, because I have no doubt.
IK : Thank you for the interview and good luck in your musical career!

Albino - Vegan Revolution Remix Purist Beats

J Brave f. Paper Diamond - Be My Girlfriend (Steady Swinging Remix)

Luminaries-Move With The Light

Move With The Light by Luminaries

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J. Rawls - Cold Turkey feat. Capital D. & Mr. Greenweedz


though capital d. of all natural has a song metaphorically called "vegetarian" this song is confirmation that he wasn't or isn't at least vegetarian (both songs are over 5 years old so who knows). mr. greenweedz however has a reference in the song that leads me to believe he might be vegan...though i'm not feeling what sounds like homophobia in the same verse. to clarify what was said in this song i looked for the lyrics, but couldn't find them.

Krudas Cubensi-El Veganeo