Sunday, March 17, 2013

Farm Fresh - 8 Bells

Def Jam Poetry - Common God Is Freedom

Killer Mike - "Reagan" (Official Music Video)

"the ballot or the bullet, some freedom or some bullshit, will we ever do it big, or keep just settling for little shit, we brag on having bread, but none of us are bakers, we all talk having greens, but none of us own acres, if none of us on acres, and none of us grow wheat, then who will feed our people when our people need to eat, so it seems our people starve from lack of understanding, cos all we seem to give them is some balling and some dancing." Killer Mike 

Korporate Klimate ~ Dayze

Consolidated - Dominion

Consolidated - Dominion (From "Friendly Fa... by 06list

Common - Come Close to Me (Remix) ft. Pharell, Q-Tip & Erykah Badu

"they say you got me dressin'crazy, eatin' veggies, wearin'shirts extra medium, and if we break up i'ma' eat meat again" (he did/does--more info here)

Gastando Tinta - Bocafloja.

Bocafloja "Tiempo"

Blue Scholars - The Ave

Azrael - What Am I To Do f. Chadio & Shay Faded

sole - the american standard

Silent Knight - "Shine"

Edan - Let's Be Friends

Edan - Sing It, Shitface

Edan - Primitive Plus

Sunni Patterson-A Health Message

SupaNova Slom - Wholistc Wellness For The Hip Hop Generation

Insight - Lots of Facts About Control

Swamburger with(out) cheese, please.

Swamburger with(out) cheese, please.

i'd like to revisit that article from this issue:

 and share it in full on here--please let me know if you find it, have it.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Frank John James- I Trust You

Akala Interview - Rhyme On Beat

Akala Interview - Rhyme On Beat


Akala: It was simply to do with health. I done some research and I don’t believe human beings are designed to eat meat, I believe that meat is detrimental to our health. It was a totally selfish decision, it’s not because I love the animals and I don’t wear leather. My car has leather seats in it and I wear leather shoes. Totally selfishly I don’t believe meat is good for me so I don’t eat it.

Earth Amplified Mixtape Vol​.​1 mixed by DJ Sol Rising

Krudas Cubensi-El Veganeo