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DJ Qbert: Connecting hip hop with veganism (re-post)

DJ Qbert was born in 1969, but going by his looks, you’d guess he’s about half his age…He’s inquisitive, curious, supremely interested in life, and that’s right y’all, he’s VEGAN!
You may remember him from this commercial. An official Rock Steady Crew DJ and four-time DMC world DJ champion, Qbert is a bona-fide rockstar. Scratching the turntables like a modern day Jimmy Hendrix, Qbert is known for taking scratching and turntablism to the next level. When Qbert walks the streets of Japan, people bow to the master; in the Philippines there’s even more love and appreciation. But in the States, where authentic talent usually takes a back seat to fluff, Q is more underground…nonetheless, a grand master. Q attributes his youthful appearance and continued longevity to—no, not smoking cannabis—but rather to his plant-based diet. In a late night, post-performance interview, Q talks with us about water, being in the zone, and keeping a clear mind. Check this man out…he is a living LEGEND!!!

And doing what he does with his fellow Invisbl Skratch Piklz bandmate:


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One Be Lo - "BEEF"

America consume mo' beef, 
Than every country on the earth 
even toddlers Obese 
A quarter pound burger you can pick on the Menu 
some people don't like it (rare), 
forbidden to Hindu's 
and "vegetarians" won't be beefin against you... 
the same category, 
Pork chicken and fish too 
Get all 'their Protien from Soy, Rice and Beans 
now these vegans on another level, 
rebel to Ice Cream 
It might seem crazy but the flow don't stop 
Hippies say they don't need roast, 
to smoke no pot 
Now da U-S-D-A say "recall that beef" 
cuz the C-O-W was M-A-D 
But the farmers keep fillin'em up, 
We keep killin' for what? 
the "Beef" keep "sizzlin" 
Mike was a "Bull" Now we got King james 
some n!99@z dont like "Kobe" but he still got game 
Who want Beef???

One Be Lo - "Rabbit Food" (Official Video)

One Be Lo - "BEEF" (LABOR 9.6.11)

4/30 – A Pro Vegan Love Poem « Angela Martinez Dy || El Dia

4/30 – A Pro Vegan Love Poem « Angela Martinez Dy || El Dia

by Angela Martinez Dy in poetry Tags: activism, Brigit, ecofeminism, environment, ethical eating, food, health, healthy eating, relationships, snackmastas, snacks, spiritual path, spirituality, vegan, veganism

Veganism and I
we have a thing going.
and even though Facebook won’t let us tag ourselves
as “in a complicated relationship”
it’s true. I think I’m in love,
but I just can’t commit.

On the surface
I have fallen for her
my poly pleasure, empowering,
energy giving, ethical lover
she draws me in,
shapely curves,
Badu body and all.

She is
so fit.

My lover is delicious. I make sure
I meet her at least 3 times a day,
with some afternoon snacks
for good measure.

My lover is tantric,
she connects my mind, body and spirit
grounds me in the present
her smells and the give of her flesh
under the pressure of my fingers
and a sharp knife
good for you and me

and yet, vivacious Veganism,
my loyalty is not to you
but to my past life

I am not yet married
to the idea of the good
you do me, and the planet,
because of the way
I have been brought up
to lust after meat
tempting my senses
away from the most
revolutionary romance
I have ever known.

But wait for me,
keep for me your sweetness.

I will learn
how to go vegan
and I will give it to you

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Sole-The Owners Of The World

"self-destruction" happens every time we sit down to eat...

knowing that things look like this today:

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

and are only getting worse--wouldn't it be SOLID if hip hop heads assembled to create something like this:

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

but they addressed the "self-destruction" that's taking place every time we eat?

Akala wants to open Jamaican vegan restaurant in London

Akala (Pic:RexFeatures)

Akala, whose XXL single is out today, really wants to spice things up - by opening a Jamaican vegan restaurant in London. Yum. (source)
anyone know the status of this restaurant?  has akala creating any songs that speak to his plant-based/decolonized diet?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dillon & Batsauce feat. Chop - "America"

lovely post on dillon's page, but i'm not too sure he's eating a plant-based diet anymore from the looks of his latest entry. however, i recently caught up with chop in atlanta for an interview with vhhm, which can be found here.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

jeru the damaja peta2 interview

Jeru the Damaja

Jeru the DamajaHaving just released Divine Design, his latest album since 2000’s Heroz 4 HireJeru the Damaja is back on the scene. But then again, he never really left. A 10-year hip-hop vet known for his hardcore Brooklyn style, Jeru has consistently put forth conscious, straight-forward lyrics. He’s been a vegetarian for more than a decade and answered our questions so articulately that we’re not even going to waste any more of your time with a cutesy intro. Let’s just get right to it ... after we give you this fun trivia fact: Jeru’s song “Verses of Doom” was produced by professional skateboarder Chad Muska. It can be heard on Chad’s compilation album Muska Beatz and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 video game. Right on! OK, now let’s do this:
We are really curious to know what sort of animal issues you’re most concerned with and where you fit into the whole scheme of the animal rights scene.
Well my thing is—it’s not just animal rights. I think its just more issues of cruelty. I don’t wear furs or anything like that ... but I just think that sometimes as human beings, we take ... life for granted.

Right, so how long have you been a vegetarian?
For 12 years.

That’s great, and was there something that prompted you to go veg?
[H]ealth reasons. I think that’s the way man was naturally supposed to live .... I used to sell books, when I was about 18 ... on spirituality and being more in tune with the universe, and I just learned that if you eat things that are dead, you vibrate on a lower level. ... I wanted to have the highest vibrations possible, so I just started cleaning my diet up and just started eating things that didn’t consist of animals.

And did you notice a change in the way you felt?
Immediately. ... I feel lighter. ... things like meat [take] longer to digest, whereas if I eat an apple or an orange or something, it digests much quicker and my mind is free to do other things.

Was there anybody you learned about who was an inspiration to you? I know there are a lot of people who have made points about this stuff, everybody from Paul McCartney to Russell Simmons to Pamela Anderson ...
It wasn’t a person who was famous. ... [W]e were selling books, and right next to us was an old man. I mean, he had to be about 80 years old, and he was a nutritionist, but he was a holistic nutritionist, and he was talking to us about how you shouldn’t really eat animals and things of that nature ... and he pulled up his shirt and the man had the abs of a 15-year-old. He says to us, "Touch ’em. Punch me,"—whatever—and he’s like, "How old do you think I am?" And we thought he was about 50 years old, and he’s like, "I’m 86 years old." ... We looked at each other, me and my friends, and we were, like, when we’re 86, we want to be like that .... So that’s what started it. We started reading the books, doing the research, and learning about it, but it’s a hard transition because ... you’re trained to eat animals, you’re taught that if you don’t have this in your meal, then your meal is not complete. ... I never ate pork, so that wasn’t a problem, so for a minute we were on chicken, and that’s just as bad as a pig, really, you know what I mean? The chicken is the pig of the birds.

Now, how do you tell other people about this sort of thing, and do people ask you a lot of questions?
Basically, what I just do is live .... The best way to show anybody anything is through your actions. So, when we sit down to eat and they notice that I’m not eating anything that used to be alive—and when I say "alive," I shouldn’t say "alive" because fruits and vegetables are alive, but anything that had a soul, or a spirit, or anything with flesh that if you cooked me and you cooked it, you probably couldn’t tell the difference—people ask questions like, "Why don’t you eat that—is it because of religion?" ... and I tell them it’s not because of religion, it’s because I love myself, and I know that if I eat a certain way, I’ll live better, my cholesterol will be lower, my eyes will look better, my hair will look better, my nails will grow longer ...

Now are you working on a new record or what do you have coming up?
I have my new record coming out. I have my own label—it’s called Ashenafi Records. Ashenafi is an Amharic word, and that’s like one of the original languages. It’s from Ethiopia, and it means “the winner” … so, I try to base all of my actions around being a winner, and being a winner, you can’t be sluggish, you can’t have 10 pounds of undigested flesh in your stomach. You have to be light, you have to be free to think. So I feel that God or however you want to call it—the universal will—intended for us to eat fruits and vegetables, so that’s the way I try to move, and it gives me higher vibrations, and it helps me to win.

Well, this has been wonderful. It’s been really great hearing your point of view about these things.
Great, and you know one more thing that I really hate?

What’s that?
[W]hen they hit the seals in the head and peel their skin off.

It’s hideous.
That really grosses me out, I mean just on a barbaric level. … It’s like, how could you do something like that? And I saw this one thing, too, that was also pretty gross—how they throw the cats in hot oil and then just peel their skin off, and they’re still alive. Have you ever seen that?

Yeah, and also there’re things they do with eating dogs and cats, as well as things they do to bears over there. It seems like every country has its own unique brand of cruelty, and then the same people would look over here and see dogfighting or rodeo and think, You’re crazy—look what you do there!
Right, so it’s all a point of view, but I just had to mention that. ... I love TLC and the Discovery Channel and things like that, and they just show those guys—you just see tons of seals lying out—it really makes you want to cry ... I’m a grown man, I’m from the ghetto, the hood, whatever you want to call it, ... and I’ve seen my share of atrocities as far as to human beings, but you see that—it really makes you want to cry. You think that we are so much above that. Supposedly, we have sent people to the moon and we have astronauts in outer space, but then we hit seals over the head and peel their skins off and leave them alive, you know?

Now, growing up in the inner city, have you seen things like dogfighting and stuff like that, and how do you feel about that?
I mean, it’s cruelty because, first of all, in nature, a dog fights for a reason—to preserve himself. ... All animals fight, because they are on an animalistic level, but to bring them together to fight is more barbaric. ... And the way that they train some of these dogs, they feed them gunpowder, they hang them from trees by their mouth.... It’s, like, it’s barbaric ....

What sort of things have you seen or heard about what they’ve done to get dogs to fight?
I’ve seen it all—feeding the dogs gunpowder mixed with, like, cayenne pepper and just treating them really cruel for a long time so the dogs are vicious so that all the dog wants to do is fight. And they bring the dogs together and let them loose on each other just like the cockfights—I’ve seen a lot of those, too. ? Where I lived was like a funeral home ... what they would do is go catch quail and then crossbreed the quails with the chickens and that makes them more—I don’t know what it does, it’s supposed to make them more spunky or whatever—but they put, like, razor blades at the end of the birds’ feet. ... It’s like, to put two men together to fight is really cruel, but at least two men can say, "You know what" Either I do want to do this, or I don’t want to do this.... The animal, he has no idea what he wants to do—he’s going by his instinct.

What do you think it is in human nature that makes people want to do that, and what do you think the best way to get over that sort of impulse is?
People love violence—you know what I mean? But, then again, look—we’re living like savages, right? Hit animals over the head and eat them, so that’s part of it. I never saw a vegetarian serial killer. ... Me and my friends, we’re always like, "You don’t know any vegetarian serial killers"—you know what I mean?—"... who killed a thousand cabbages and cut them up and ate their body parts," you know?

What would you say to people to get them to not follow those violent impulses?
I think they can’t get over that until they start loving themselves. ... If you love yourself, you’re not going to want to harm anybody—you understand what I’m saying? It’s like Jesus said, he was like, "You’re supposed to love your brother like you love yourself," and I think that’s a message that was really overlooked, even in religion ... the main goal of ... any religion is self-realization. Once you realize yourself, know yourself, and love yourself, then you can treat your brother that way, you see. But, what the world is based on now is that religion is just like a set of rules—do this, do that, don’t do this, don’t do that—and with rules, we know that for certain people, the more you make rules, the harder they’re going to try to break those rules. They’re going to find more conniving ways to get around those rules, just not to get caught. I love that song, "What the world needs now is love, sweet love," you know, because it’s the only thing that there’s just too little of. ... I just believe in peace. To me, that’s key—peace is key.

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30 day campaign (POAGP-Ashel)

akala's vegan?!

akala's "almost a vegan" as of 3 years ago?!  is he all the way vegan now?!  anyone?  his older sister is ms. dynamite!  all good news to me!  i'm going to study up on his status w/regards to diet because i know from a recent exchange w/his sister on twitter, she's likely to be transitioning from a vegetarian diet to a vegan one!

official website

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'Labtekwon - Vegan Grub - 2010' Torrent Download ::

'Labtekwon - Vegan Grub - 2010' Torrent Download ::

A segment demonstrating techniques in preparing vegan dishes and important nutritional information for those interested in a vegan lifestyle.
this edition of Vegan Grub includes:
Basic Nutritional Information
Break Fast (Raw food dish)
Lab Sammich (Cooked food dish)
West Side Salad (Raw food dish)
Vegan Smoothie (Raw food dish)

Pursuit of a Green Planet

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A word of warning to vegan graffiti writers: don’t get caught in New York City. Graffiti bomber turned designer CLAW paid a friendly visit to UTAH, who is recently incarcerated on Riker’s Island, and twitters: “She said it’s not so bad, like a ghetto sleepaway camp. Suave shamps. She is starving b/c she is vegan. No tempeh on the island apparently.” According to the Department of Corrections, inmates with special dietary needs have to go to the clinic and get the nutrionist to issue a special id card. Apparently that’s easier said than done.
Over instant message, CLAW tells us it took a lawsuit-threatening letter before “they finally got her soy milk and peanut butter.” The other option is finding a chaplain, like Rabbi Leib Glanz, to illegally hook up Goodfellas-style prison feasts.
Photo by true2death

Dialog - The End

dirty drummer featuring der thinc "playground"

Playground/Dirty Drummer

from what der thinc has to say about diet i imagine that he practices a plant-based diet or at least a cleaner diet than you're average person, but i cannot find anything about him or a way to contact him directly. let me know if you are able to connect w/him or his material.

chicago emcee, rita j. talks about her transition to veganism

youtube option

SAFARI-BLACK "STACK IT UP" (brinks mix) ! Prod. By DJ Vaughn

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Apathy - Chemical

"what they inject in meat, in the food you eat nowadays make you lazy and wanna go to sleep, chemicals seep in dirt, work deep in earth spin babies in the womb feet first at birth, leaves embryonic fluid polluted and kids stupid, fruit juice diluted, your drinkin water putrid, the chemicals, heroin, built to be american pussies puke blood, baby mamas miscarriage-in , additives, preservatives, add to my nervousness bad when it surfaces, the madness is murderous"

Sabac Red - Shift of the Earth

PETA 'Vegetarian' Rapper: 'Meat Ain't Murder, It's What's For Dinner!'

PETA 'Vegetarian' Rapper: 'Meat Ain't Murder, It's What's For Dinner!'

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XLR8R TV Episode 56: Labtekwon on B-more PART 1/2

Labtekwon Word Is Bond Interview Part 3 - Spoken Word, Indie Labels & Ve...

b-girls and plant-based diets

i saw this film the other night at U.N.I.T.Y. CULTURE (Hip-Hop Conference):

and damn it was dope!!  i can't wait until this film is available for purchase.  anyhow, i must admit, i didn't represent the vhhm like i would have liked to.  during the q&a rokafella (nyc), aiko (san jose) and lady champ (chi) exchanged words with the audience for over a half-hour.  i wanted to ask them about how they sustain themselves as veteran b-girls with regards to diet and lifestyle considering "the hip hop state of emergency" supanova slom talks about here:

and considering that b-girls/b-boys are clearly the most physically active members of the hip hop community i was curious to know where they stand with what's expressed by one of their fellow b-boys (mr. wiggles) and graffiti artists (justin bua).

that being said, i intend to pass this question onto the panelists (b-girls) via the web and hope to return with some feedback from them.

p.s. sad to say the free food choices were non plant-based pizza and chicken wings at the closing event featuring vegan hip hop artists sa-roc and dj sol messiah.  i also noticed that rita j's facebook page had something about raw foods on it just the other day, so it's likely that she too didn't consume any of the death food options that are all too common (when "food" is served) at hip hop events.

p.p.s. i figured i'd just add an example of a vegan b-girl (bgirl queen from italy) for good measure (smile):

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Verbal Kent & Kaz One - Fast Forward Fast Forward [Explicit]: Verbal Kent: MP3 Downloads

Fast Forward [Explicit]

pardon the nasty product placement ( but this was the only place i could find this song streaming and coincidentally the sample references the part of the song i wanted to showcase anyway. (ha)

Looptroop - Carneval

Scienz Of Life - Ms. Nuwaubian PROMOE - Europe's best rappers in the spotlight PETA2! PROMOE - Europe's best rappers in the spotlight PETA2!

english translation:

PROMOE - Europe's best rapper in the exclusive Talk!

Hip Hop that can be anything other than music that glorifies violence with the offended, humiliated women and material wealth is widely celebrated throughout Europe have already demonstrated that many bands. And in Germany it is no secret that there are artists, whose positive attitudes and open-minded and whose horizon extends further than the next (verbal) confrontation with members of other crews. One of Europe's most successful Hip Hop bands are from Sweden, Looptroop, the political hip hop in the past found many supporters, and the last of her album? Fort Europa? in Germany sold more than 10,000 units. Their frontman PROMOE operates alongside Looptroop as a solo artist and released in late September, his third solo album? White Man? S Burden? On which he mixes in twelve songs hip hop with reggae, dancehall, ragga, dub and a variety of other styles. Not only his music, even the sometimes very political and in-depth texts of vegan friendly draw him as a soothing counterpart familiar hip-hop musicians, who can be seen daily on MTV. On a beautiful September evening PROMOE took the time to speak with PETA2. In addition, PROMOE PETA2 three songs from his new album made ​​available, which can be heard here in an exclusive pre-Stream! You, with six albums, three with Mobb Deep and three grown as PROMOE and worldwide tours to a well-respected hip hop artist. Can you still remember the early days of Looptroop and your music career? Yes (laughs)! Do you know what's really funny? We as a band and I always had as a solo artist that confidence in it, that our music sounds good, right from the start. Even from our first demo recordings we thought they would sound good. And when I look at the lead today before my eyes, I wonder how on earth we could ever muster the courage to play those songs to anyone before. After all, no, they do not sound good! In 1995, we began to bring out tapes and distribute them. At that time I went to a concert of THE ROOTS even Black Thought (MC of The Roots) and have him hold tape in our hands. To make matters worse, I told him also: Hey, listen you gotta earn, that's my band and we are really good?. Man, but today I would sink into the ground! When was the point was reached where Looptroop for you to full-time employment was? Although I just described the situation in 1995, it was not the point at which the band was professional. At that time we started a lot of shows on graffiti jams or events to play, for a life of music ranging from but not this. Then we brought more and more vinyls and EPs out myself until we finally found a 1998 name for our label.This was the birth of David vs.. Goliath, our own record company, where are all up today and PROMOE Looptroop albums released. Even when we licensed some of them on Burning Heart Records. In 2000 I finally threw my studies, what was the date on which the music was not only my life but also my livelihood source.

Dear animal Reimer: PROMO!

In the future, all your albums on David vs.. Goliath appear, or can you imagine Looptroop or promotional publications lay entirely in the hands of another label?
When we founded the label, we had a clear claim DIY. The label was and is an independent label. Our idea was to keep our music to our own, independent hands in order to maintain full control over our work. These things is to do yourself good, no question. But we must not forget that this work is also very time consuming. And the time I put into the label was missing work, me for writing songs, recording albums and tours for the samples. That's why I've decided to bring my records to myself while out, by the licensing deal with Burning Heart is me but the promotion and sales activity declined, which I find very enjoyable. But to directly answer your question: It used to be unthinkable for me to give my work from the hand. Today I think that neither I nor Looptroop cling to such notions have. Say there is a possibility that we may one day an album without the assistance of David vs.. Goliath on another label release. But it is unlikely that this happens. Because the deal would give us a lot of freedoms and we have even if we albums via vs. David. Make Goliath and then license. But who knows exactly if in a few years ago formats such as CDs and LPs are even still in demand. What do you mean? The music industry is still very dynamic, legal downloads are on the rise and the download figures in many countries have relevance for one have recording an album in the charts. So I can imagine that in a few years, the main task of a label is to download to sell but no classical formats more. Do you think that it further consequences for musicians and record companies will come up? It will be harder, the music to live because you have less money that we now need time to earn life is. I think that for example, sponsoring an artist will play a role in the future. And frankly I'm afraid that we have to make deals that we had not previously made, just to be able to continue to live by our music. Sponsorship I do not like, because the companies that can afford sponsorship, large, international corporations have their business practices I disagree. Yet I can not say today whether I can live as a musician in the future without financial support from a sponsor. From what you've said so far, one can read out that you're a very unconventional hip-hop musician who has little to image and gives material wealth. On? White Man? S Burden? you even say literally that you want no one to be representative for the violence and sexism known music genres. Do you mind if hip hop is perceived by the public as such a music genre? That Hip Hop is one of sexism and violence infused genre, the kids will be exemplified by many musicians, you can see every day on MTV. I tell you quite honestly: No, it does not bother me anymore, that people view hip hop as sexist and glorifying violence. Because of the popular hip-hop is sexist and glorifying violence. Thus the impression of many people is not wrong. Five or six years, then I was disturbed this impression. At that time, my music, hip-hop but was also more important than today. Looptroop PROMOE and are born from the influence of early hip hop bands like Public Enemy.However, we have developed and created new scenes musically and mentally, but incorporated into the Hip Hop music and attitude, but are not limited to hip hop. That's why I see myself as someone also limited, which is of such a public opinion on hip hop, how do you muster it affected. I myself have anything against hip hop, which runs on MTV. Therefore I have no problem when other people criticize him as well and take what he is. The song? trash €? on? White Man? s Burden? is this, right? Yes, the song is sexist and violent tendencies criticized in the hip-hop, the song and yes even 50 CENT DIPSET by Juelz Santana named. The intention is to lower fronts against both rappers and their genre in general. Rather do? Euro Trash? start young people who like to listen to hip hop and get in touch with the scene from each other, show that there is yet another hip-hop world than the one they see on MTV. The song? Fast Food World? from your 2004 album? The Long Distance Runner? comes to veganism and your vegan diet. Was it easy for you to handle this issue in a song? For me it's always like that I install an influence only after a certain time in a song. Say I had to listen to reggae for a few years before I began reggae elements into my songs to build one. So it was with veganism. After many years I was a vegetarian, I became vegan in 2001. Then it took three years vegan diet before I processed it in a whole song once, after I had spoken in individual text phrases again and again about the issue. So I would not say that it was difficult to handle in a Veganism song. I had it before? Fast Food World? just have not tried hard enough. And? White Man? s Burden? is the theme in a phrase? The hottest vegan course menue on your hip hop? in the song? Time travellin? Consideration.The line was built in the emotion or conscious? Like many other lines in my songs and hip hop songs in general, the phrase was in affect. I remember quite well at the moment of creation of the song, I already had the rhyme with?, Looptroop the site, as the first verse and was looking for something that is on? Nu? rhymes. ? Menu? came almost automatically, because I think constantly eating. What is your favorite food? I am a freak and I love eating fresh fruits, nuts, tofu and such well-made. And tofu burgers? Sausages I do not like, however, because my heart beats for food that comes directly from nature. PROMOE, thank you for your time and the interview. you care, why Thomas D. ,Kool Savas , Morrissey , Eva Briegel of July , Mike Ness of Social Distortion , Andy from CALIBAN and the guys fromRise Against are convinced vegetarians? Why are MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE and Ben from Billy Talent to worry about animal rights? Why P! nk 's commitment to animals and AS I LAY DYING are against fur? Then check out some FAQs on the subjects of our vegetarianism , fur and animal rights . Delicious vegetarian recipes you can find here . If you have further questions, write to us to fix: .

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'I Used to Be a Vegan' by Zion I & the Grouch: Vegan Underground Rap, Yo! - Orange County Restaurants and Dining - Stick a Fork In It

'I Used to Be a Vegan' by Zion I & the Grouch: Vegan Underground Rap, Yo! - Orange County Restaurants and Dining - Stick a Fork In It

this song is actually quite unfortunate for so many reasons. for starters, where did the grouch's politics go--the one's he expressed to peta a few years prior to the release of this or his ode to his newborn on the previous zion i & the grouch album ("10 fingers, 10 toes, 10 lbs, 10 oz")? seems that grouch's ethical-eating/vegan experience was rather short-lived. why didn't they have a pro-vegan anthem when they were practicing a plant-based/decolonized diet? to bash a vegan/plant-based/decolonized diet esp. within communities of color is very troubling considering all the dis-ease we're dealing be honest, i'm bored w/this already and would rather refer whoever that might be reading this to check out supanova slom's "purify or die" and "sugar crack" to connect w/something that's way more about food justice.

see this for more context. The Vegan CallYa rapper in an interview! The Vegan CallYa rapper in an interview!

Callya, the vegan rappers in the interview!

Who does not? CallYa is one of THE Rapgrößen the animal rights scene. With his compelling voice, his deep beats and his profound writings he always hits the bull's eye. The sympathetic Tübingen has with the collabo LP LA RESISTANCE created by several artists together a mix of hip hop and soul that simply just fun. Currently, he featured the album " Plan 88"Madcap and albino, two other serious rapper of the animal liberation movement. If you want to see him live, even checked out his website or ask him directly whether he wants to play may be on your solos Party / After-demoparty ... But check out our previous interview with CallYa !


CALLYAS latest album, "Forgotten Fire".
Hey Callya. Thank you for your time take us to answer a few questions.

Sure, you. You live vegan. How and when did it happen that you decide that you want to completely give up animal products?The thought process had to start when I first heard the track had "no rights" on the LP of albino. I was human activity in general compared to already very critical, and thought: Who wants to change something, has no choice but to start with yourself. I saw myself forced me to deal with the issue, and stood first in conflict with myself. I noticed that all the arguments I was trying to raise, however, ultimately do not arrive to the arguments in favor of an animal product-free lifestyle. I said then: either you live with a lie, or do you draw the consequences. I opted for the latter, and it first tried a vegetarian diet. Two years later I moved to step to veganism, which I really wanted to do from the beginning. I've also noticed there again, that all fears were completely unfounded - such as the fear of abandonment. The fear quickly evaporates when you realize how easy it is, after all, and you will discover many new things. To date I have not the slightest feeling that I would be missing something in my life - quite the contrary: I feel so well like never before!

What would you advise young people who do not know whether and how to take that step?

I advise you to swallow the right pill, you know, like in Matrix - and you just once with the subject deal . Asks questions. Look at how your food was before it landed on your plate. And how it looks when you take an animal's life and liberty. And I can only say, as far as an animal product-free lifestyle: It's not as difficult as one would often paints! Try it out, there are now so many ways to get delicious, healthy, easy to feed and animal product-free and to live. You're honest and down to earth music with German lyrics. Congratulations! Who or what has influenced you most? There is music in which I just say what I think and with which I shall pass on some positive energy. There are a lot of what influenced me. First, it is probably my surroundings, the people I meet and with whom I change myself. I always think it's important before you begin to deal with any human theories, sits down to reflect on himself and his environment. It's like a hall of mirrors (grins). I would say I'm more heart than head man. As for me, of course, also very influenced by the music that I listen to yourself. Right now that's a lot of the reggae and dancehall area, or melodic hip-hop experiments. What are your current projects? relative is currently just the big collabo LP, La Resistance disc with Microphone Mafia, anarchist Acedemy, Meditias, Chaoze One Lotta C. and in stores. I am currently working with Albino just been so ever on the planned joint disc.For this project, I still have a couple of times wonderful, classic Hip Hop Beatz unpacked. I do not want to reveal too much, but I see it is an interesting blend of thoughtful, melodic hooks with rape deepen. In addition I am working on my new album for which I want to take much time because it will be very different than my previous stuff. It will be melodic and experimental.

Is it possible to give even live to be convinced of your charm?

is yes, because there are always possibilities. Lately though I consider myself something back in terms of gigs, because I just want to take some time to hone new styles. But there will of course continue to live gigs, then just look at my MySpace page , there always are there any concerts. If you want me to come to your city, then I'm happy here, if you want to organize something good. Write me anemail in the fall. For spring 2010 are albino, and I incidentally still looking for event organizers or organizers. What is your favorite vegan dish? One of my favorite vegan dishes is a self-creation that has evolved over time and proven. It is a kind of tomato-soy goulash with couscous, Moroccan spices, best with homemade guacamole and vegan tzatziki. I have the recipe on here published - here's the link: Thank you for the interview!

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Sarah's Blog: Kin Keezy

Sarah's Blog: Kin Keezy

"Does this make me gangsta? I got a shout-out in the song Cupcakes by Kin Keezy." Sarah Kramer
i'm calling attention to this to show the blatant ignorance that is so common in the dominant (white) culture where hip hop is concerned. i actually responded to sarah kramer and indicated how offensive her ridiculous comment was, but i cannot relocate her original posting that i replied to. (not surprised) of course i was critical about such nonsense, but she blew me off and suggested that she was only joking and told me to relax. anyhow, i'm not surprised about any of this anymore...

Interview with rapper albino [animal rights initiative, Rhein-Main]

Interview with rapper albino [animal rights initiative, Rhein-Main]

Interview with rapper albino
When you enter the last three years at one of the Großemonstrationen against the fur trade Fur & Fashion Frankfurt have participated in, then you surely know him.Albino rapper from Kiel involved, often with his political rape of animal rights demos and live well even vegan. Kokot Irene him for TIRM! interviewed.
IK : How did the idea with you to combine hip hop with animal rights issues?
A : Hip Hop with me since my school days, more precisely since 1988. It took several years before I moved from being mere consumers of culture an active part of the movement. Since the day when I wrote the first rap songs, it was clear that this form of expression for me is a kind of therapy. All that concerns me emerges, so sooner or later on in my lyrics. Now it so happened that I became a vegetarian in 1993 because of books and television reports and I have dealt more and more with the human-animal relationship. This topic has become a fundamental part of my life, and therefore it also appears repeatedly in my songs. In practical terms it is seen simply a connection of what brings me pleasure (music), my talent (densities) and what I like most at heart (animal liberation).
IK : Are you or were you already own active in animal rights scene? On your homepage there is a link to the Kiel animal rights initiative.
A : Our involvement in the animal rights scene for me began in 2000, a year after I've become vegan. Initially this was limited to the visit of demonstrations and performances on solo concerts. In Kiel, I'm part of TibiK, the Animal Liberation Initiative keel, which currently sees its main aim is to support the campaign against the fur industry and most recently in late April 2006, the sixth Organized Antispeziesistische Northern demonstration.
IK : You say in your song No Peace "" of vegan revolution. What do you picture below, do you think it is realistic?
A :. The demand for a vegan revolution, of course, is striking and shortened the title, but nevertheless a realistic
access to veganism took place with me as with many others about emotions. The images of the slaughterhouse reality of brutal animal transport, the experimental laboratory, all this has caused a tremor in my heart, which finally prompted the move to veganism. I think it's important to stand at this point does not remain. Gradually I realized that it is necessary to see veganism in a wider political context, that the animal exploitation can not be completed independently of other power structures. I want to experience a truly non-violent society, and this is only possible vegan.
The revolution begins in and around us. Violence in our society must be discussed and redefined. This may be the beginning of a realization process within the company. Of course, I think in this sense is a vegan revolution is realistic.
I think it is important that we show patience and perseverance. The trial of a vegan revolution will take time. But it's a start, he initiated the process and will no longer be unstoppable. It may be that we no longer realize the full social experience will be. I'm sure that we are part of a movement that will definitely achieve their goal.
IK : You're talking in the song of the same animal corpse eaters. Do you think you can motivate with such terms even non-vegans or meat-eaters to live cruelty-free?
A : I think that makes the song not only peace with a clear sense of language. It is intended to motivate and arouse an active animal rights activists on the other people who had nothing to do with animal rights and animal liberation have nothing. It is intended to stimulate thought, of course, but also provoke. My experience shows me that this is often more extensive and deeper conversations can result in which I can give my opinion on.
No peace is much more aggressive than without rights, but I think both songs complement each other well. As I said at the beginning, rap is also therapeutic, because it can sometimes be that the anger can not hold back. On my new album, survival training, which appear in late August, is a new animal rights song is included, which is more likely to have a quieter, more personal character.
IK : You're living vegan - you're so lucky when it comes to practical implementation?
A : I live Vegan since 1999, six years before that I was a vegetarian. Whether I'm happy with the implementation? Oh yes, definitely. Initially I had, like many others, concerns about the "stay" and the daily food composition and the abandonment of old habits. This has then quickly crushed.
It formed a new normal, not least thanks to the ever-increasing number of delicious vegan alternatives to conventional, based on animal exploitation, food supply. In any case, I was inspired by frequent cooking with friends. Vegan food just encourages the imagination and so what the heck, I oute now: I'm greedy!
IK: What are the target audience you want with your music? What can cause hip hop within the animal rights work?
A : I have no specific target group. I'm a libertarian vision that affects the entire society, namely the abolition of domination and exploitation conditions and their structures. So I want to reach everyone possible. This is for example the reason why I appear happy with demos in pedestrian zones, where the entire social spectrum is available.
Of course, mainly be people who rap like as well as people who move into the animal rights scene, with my music in touch. But to again come back to the pedestrian area.Here I see again and again to what rap music is capable. She is able to generate emotions, to stimulate discussion, arouse interest, reduce frustration and to motivate. I think in conclusion said that rap music can enrich the work of animal rights very much.
IK : How come at your writing in the hip-hop scene?
A : At the beginning of my musical work that was still quite ambivalent. People who were on political rap, they found good. The "typical" Hip Hopper had, I do not entirely wrong, a few problems with me, but because it took a few years until my style has evolved. Since a few years the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Even with the animal rights texts, interestingly, I have had very positive experiences. I can say that I am of the people with whom I come in contact with the music, brought up frequently on the subject of veganism / animal rights. I come here mainly to open and interested people. The personal conversations on Demos and before and after the concerts are very important to me. I get this a lot of feedback and was so happy that I could give many apparently thinking a few suggestions with my lyrics. The other way round, I too have learned a lot from the many discussions and attempts example, suggestions or criticism to implement, both for new as well as older texts.
Of course there's also quite a few that deal with the issue of animal rights / animal liberation does not want to deal seriously and try to all to ridicule. The whole thing will happen but rather in forums on the Internet, not in personal contact.
Rapper increases the number of my vegan after watching it. So I got to know last vegan MCs like Callya (Tübingen), Illya Sick and Tetsuo (both Bremen).
Also, for example Nic Knatterton (Aachen) and deal Chaoze One (Karlsruhe), the human-animal relationship in their texts critically.
IK : What do you think the animal rights movement in the next 50 years is realistic to achieve?
A : In order to concretely start, I think that trading with real fur is sure to be abolished long ago. In addition, the social acceptance of vegetarianism and veganism are becoming increasingly important. Vegan will live in my estimation, in 50 years not unusual any more.
I hope that will be permanently discontinued in 50 years, the chapter on animal welfare, that is to say, have the people who felt once committed to the protection of animals are identified, that it should not go primarily to improve the situation within the industry exploitation, but at the end of the exploitation and killing non-human individuals by man. I hope the animal rights movement are politicized, and they can continue to sensitize society to the extent that it recognizes that we live in a society that from beginning to end violent. I hope that motivates the animal rights movement and remains precarious. That it is always numerically greater, because I have no doubt.
IK : Thank you for the interview and good luck in your musical career!

Krudas Cubensi-El Veganeo