Monday, December 20, 2010

Vegan Hip Hop, Alternative Black Masculinities

FEBRUARY 26, 2010

Ietef "DJ Cavem" Vita's album, "Going Green, Living Bling."
During the Fall of 2009, I attended the San Francisco Green Fest with my husband and infant son, Sun. I had the pleasure of meeting a young hip hop artist, vegan, and eco-sustainable activist out of Denver, CO, named Ietef. He gave me a free copy of his new cd called “Going Green, Living Bling.” I LOVE this album.
Ietef is a young 23 year old African American male and I strongly believe that the work he is doing is an excellent example of alternative black masculinities in the USA that is never depicted on mainstream media: holistic health oriented vegan and eco-sustainable. He teaches young urban people how to grow their own foods. His concept of “living bling” is “going green.” He is doing social justice activism in his community, teaching people about healthy living, eating, and eco-sustainable praxis. My favorite song on the album is “Wheat Grass.”
This is the music I want my son to listen to. It’s a more positive model of alternative African American masculinity that is rarely shown in the mainstream. Ietef is not an anomaly. There are many young brown and black men in the USA who engage in social justice activism around the issues of healthy eating and green living, they just don’t get the media attention they deserve, simply because the other forms of African American masculinity being depicted in the mainstream are more profitable (and reflect the reliance that consumer capitalism has on depicting black males as over-consumers of products that don’t cause harmony to the body, as well as depicting them as over [hetero]sexualized males who only care about lots of sex, furs, expensive jewelry, fine liquors, etc).
I am honored that Ietef gave me this gift that Sun can groove to, learn about the message, and get some beautiful wisdom. Listen to his lyrics below.

HOMEBOY SANDMAN and Ethiopian-Inspired Vegan Stew with Potatoes, Carrots and Chickpeas


We are proud to present our second episode of Grub Sessions featuring Homeboy Sandman!
A fixture on the NYC underground Hip-Hop scene, Homeboy Sandman has crafted his own style - boasting creative lyrics and a melodic flow reminiscent of Rakim, Pharoahe Monch, and Black Thought. It's only a matter of time before those names will be singing his praises too. Sandman has received Unsigned Hype in The Source, was named Best Hip Hop Act in Manhattan by New York Press, won the TAG Records Emcee Competition for NYC, was named Ralph McDanial's Video Music Award Winner, was the inaugural winner of End of the Weak's Strongest New Artist Award, and was selected to perform in Hot 97's " Who's Next?" Series.

Fresh from a knockout performance at the SXSW Music Festival, Homeboy Sandman dropped by to talk with us about how he uses words to craft his songs, gun samples in Hip-Hop, his unique guerilla marketing tactics, and more. Even though Homeboy Sandman only eats raw food, he was nice enough to make an exception for our Ethiopian-Inspired Vegan Stew with Potatoes, Carrots and Chickpeas.

- Jed I. Rosenberg

Sunday, December 19, 2010

"fresh veg mix"

VeganHood TV Episode 1 "The Blast Off"

PROMOE-Fast Food World (feat. Cos.m.I.c & Bushman)

Palabras en conflicto - Liberación Animal

Strong Arm Steady and Planet Asia - Chittlins and Pepsi

though this song isn't a purely vegan anthem it seems these emcees are on their way to decolonizing their diet...but of course they have definite sexist issues that need to be worked out as well.

High & Mighty "Fast Food Nation"

rather impressed that high & mighty came out w/such a song, unfortunately i know very little about their eating habits beyond their issues w/fast food.  if you learn of anything please share.

M-1 of Dead Prez Interview

Stic Man of Dead Prez with a RBG health perspective

Consolidated : 'The Sexual Politics of Meat'

Naj-one - New dawn breaking (feat. cherem)

Mindbender Supreme Dream Radio TV - vol. 2.: Chilly Springtime Dietary C...

LUMINARIES interview-raw food/hip hop-DALLAS

Martin The Livewire "Don't Make Your Body a Graveyard"

Masta Killa Says, 'Go Veg for Life'

Tem Blessed, First Be, and Outspoken of 3rd EyE Unlimited "Green Anthem"

Supanova Slom - Purify or Die

Supanova Slom - Purify or Die from GreenHausFilms on Vimeo.


Sage Francis - Peta Vegetarian Freestlye

i've read that veganism makes sense to him, but nothing yet about him actually going vegan yet...

Sage Francis - PETA PSA - HD Video Production RI Rhode Island

i've read that veganism makes sense to him, but nothing yet about him actually going vegan yet...

FDA - Precise Science

Enjoy your Meal - GaiaisI featuring Lee Baillie

Northern State - Things I'll Do

Hieroglyphics - Let it roll

Catching Up With Chuck D

The Roots: Stop the Violence

The Cool Kids freestyle with peta2

Boogie Down Productions- My Philosophy

Boogie Down Productions - Beef

KOOL SAVAS - Exklusives Interview für

Mental Sun - Vegan throwback ryhme

Albino - Open End

Albino - An Alle

lmno on veganism with peta

Sunspot Jonz - Taster's Choice ft. Murs and LuckyIAM

Mr. Lif talking about eating healthy with PETA

living legends


chicken little by s.k.i.p. of nonsense records

s.k.i.p.-chicken little

Stic.Man of Dead Prez- I Believe of dead prez "I Believe" from James Wade on Vimeo.

dope video/song!

one critique: the adidas product placement is pretty disgusting for so many reasons!

Dead Prez "Be Healthy" @ Rutgers

Jared Paul, "Archipelago 7669319" (2006)


labtekwon-now cipher




Divine Species - Edify The Body


kin keezy-speak in spells


Not quite the EP and not quite the full length. This is basically the limited edition released Speak In Spells EP + 3 new tracks, which may or may not be included on the future Speak In Spells LP being co-released through Audio Thrift Shop Records & Kin Keezy's new We All Kin imprint in December of 2009. Hand printed by TSHO & Keezy themselves in black water-based ink on 100% Recycled, FSC Certified Chipboard (85% Post-Consumer Recycled / 15% Post-Industrial Recycled) Resleeves from Sustainable Group.

Kin Keezy - "Speak In Spells Promo" 

1. Down & Out & Almost Famous
2. Chrome Shanti
3. Majick Food
4. Ride Or Die
5. Speak In Spells
6. Homecoming Eulogy
7. Piano Tune The Diaster
8. Take It Down feat. Soarse Spoken
9. Animalicious

Anti-Copyright Audio Thrift Shop Records 2009

Ascension Methods by John Graham

Disciples of Discipline-Vegan Nutrition (Potluck)

Dayze - Truth Seeker

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Revolutionary hip hop taken to the next dimension with female emcee DAYZE.
Do you play live?
Yes, every chance I get. I travel a lot so it could be a venue anywhere - California or even the UK.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It sets undaground artists free.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
Dayze was born in the East London borough of Hackney, UK to southern African immigrant parents who had escaped the then racist and segregationist european colonial regimes in their countries. Following the wave of black governance granted to southern African countries over the last two decades Dayze and her family moved back to a politically charged, but peaceful southern Africa where she started writing poetry and rhyming and at the age of 14. Later, Dayze attended college in central Europe and the US and recorded/co-produced two albums in San Diego.
Your influences?
I grew up listening to jazz, classical, reggae and african music. I listen to a lot of underground/independent and progressive hip hop artists like Witchdoctor, Jedi Mind Tricks, Micah 9, Public Enemy, Killah Priest etc. as well as other artists like Portishead and Buju Banton.

If you heard my music/rhyme you wouldn't know who to compare me with because it's unique.

Promoe - 'Fit You Haffi Fit'


Krudas Cubensi-El Veganeo