Thursday, April 25, 2013

I.N.I. - Fakin' Jax

this forever fresh piece came out nearly 20 years ago!! crazy how hopeful i was that hip hop would be reclaimed from puffy and company, who sought to and were quite successful with the bastardization of my culture. Pete Rock's verse where the brother says, "to all you fake-ass thugs out there..busy deceivin', achieving nothin'..." still applies and even more so today. it's ironic that most folks can't relate to the shit they nod their heads to, yet rob-o's verse, "you never succeed or progress, searchin for peace through material objects, you go to extremes in the process, accuse others, when it's you showin' your true colors, busy sellin' your dreams, but all your cream contributes to your lack of self-esteem…" applies to the masses living in a consumer culture even if not to the degree of a Jay-Z or Lil Wayne.

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