Sunday, September 25, 2011

b-girls and plant-based diets

i saw this film the other night at U.N.I.T.Y. CULTURE (Hip-Hop Conference):

and damn it was dope!!  i can't wait until this film is available for purchase.  anyhow, i must admit, i didn't represent the vhhm like i would have liked to.  during the q&a rokafella (nyc), aiko (san jose) and lady champ (chi) exchanged words with the audience for over a half-hour.  i wanted to ask them about how they sustain themselves as veteran b-girls with regards to diet and lifestyle considering "the hip hop state of emergency" supanova slom talks about here:

and considering that b-girls/b-boys are clearly the most physically active members of the hip hop community i was curious to know where they stand with what's expressed by one of their fellow b-boys (mr. wiggles) and graffiti artists (justin bua).

that being said, i intend to pass this question onto the panelists (b-girls) via the web and hope to return with some feedback from them.

p.s. sad to say the free food choices were non plant-based pizza and chicken wings at the closing event featuring vegan hip hop artists sa-roc and dj sol messiah.  i also noticed that rita j's facebook page had something about raw foods on it just the other day, so it's likely that she too didn't consume any of the death food options that are all too common (when "food" is served) at hip hop events.

p.p.s. i figured i'd just add an example of a vegan b-girl (bgirl queen from italy) for good measure (smile):

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