Wednesday, June 5, 2013

VegNews Music Week: Justin Bua Raps About the Ethics of Hip-Hop and Veganism (re-post)

VegNews Music Week: Justin Bua Raps About the Ethics of Hip-Hop and Veganism (full-feature)


"I grew up basically on a fast food acronym diet—Mickey D’s, KFC, MSG—so I had no awareness about what real food was."

"I think that veganism is really the truth—it’s the way that we should be eating. It’s not overproduced like pop. Pop [music] is overproduced—so are processed foods. Pop is like creamsicles mixed with fudge mixed with bacon flakes and genetically modified soy and corn. And it tastes amazing! I listen to pop music all the time, but is it good for me? No. What I’m going to get from a Run DMC song is going to be amazing. They’re talking about about social inequalities. They’re talking about injustices. They’re singing with purity. It feels like Zeus singing when you hear DMC’s words. Same with Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. It’s poetry. It’s the same thing with veganism, same thing with eating pure."

however not feeling the transphobia:

"When I went to Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, everyone was drawing like their contemporaries. But for me it was always just drawing people with guns, crazy people, because I grew up in Harlem with characters who were really insane. I grew up with a lot of homeless people and destitute people and transvestites and transsexuals and drug dealers and prostitutes and murderers."

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