Friday, January 8, 2016

Facebook censored and blocked me for 72 hours for sharing "Please don't change your profile pictures to the tricolours of a state..." by Lali Mohamed

"please don't change your profile pictures to the tricolours of a state that repeatedly bombs camps in somalia, villages in mali, hospitals in afghanistan and tests their nuclear bombs in the sahara dessert. france names bombs after these colours - gerboise bleue, gerboise blanche, gerboise rouge.

historically, france is considered the fourth largest colonizer in europe ravaging countless africannations. these are same colours that demanded haiti pay them 150 million francs (over 40 billion today) for destroying the plantations of slave owners during the revolution, putting haiti in centuries worth of debt.

today, they are the exporters of the most vile and violent islamophobia despite going into north and east africa. you can feel sad for those who lost their lives in paris without propping up the colours of a nation who has taken so many lives and continues to take so many lives through airstrikes in the global south. this selective outrage is yours. have at it. but know that so many of us are pained by your silence when baghdad is bombed. when falestine is bombed. when beirut is bombed. are these lives also not worth mourning? what is it about the lives of black and brown people that makes it so hard for you to mourn them?

i know the answer, and it hurts, but please, please don't make it worse by waving the white supremacist french flag on my feed."

- lali mohammad


the above post got me censored and blocked from facebook for 72 hours back in november.  however, brilliant animal whites and their allies were able to cough up some pretty colorful stuff while the post was still active, some of which got reported but facebook isn't concerned about removing or challenging actual hate speech or anything that perpetuate the status quo (i.e. white supremacy, islamophobia):

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