Saturday, January 14, 2017

Dismantling White Veganism – veganvoicesofcolor

Dismantling White Veganism – veganvoicesofcolor

"White Veganism is a reference to mainstream veganism—which is, undeniably very white, narrow, one sided and ignores intersectionality. It aims to expose and erase the invisibility of oppression on other animal bodies to the masses, while simultaneously ignoring and being silent about the very visible injustice and oppression of black and brown bodies, femme bodies, or differently-abled bodies. Sometimes even utilizing the history of oppression on Black bodies and other oppressed groups as a tool to promote veganism."

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  1. This is a very important discussion. The Uhuru Solidarity Movement, the mass organization of the African People's Socialist Party to build white solidarity with black power, is hosting a similar discussion for our next live streamed web show , Thurs. July 25 at 7 pm EST. "Beyond White Veganism: Vegans for Reparations." Only 50 spots left, so be sure to register for the login info at This will also double as a fundraiser for the Black Power Blueprint, a black self-determination project based in North St. Louis. Learn more and donate at


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