Sunday, December 19, 2010

kin keezy-speak in spells


Not quite the EP and not quite the full length. This is basically the limited edition released Speak In Spells EP + 3 new tracks, which may or may not be included on the future Speak In Spells LP being co-released through Audio Thrift Shop Records & Kin Keezy's new We All Kin imprint in December of 2009. Hand printed by TSHO & Keezy themselves in black water-based ink on 100% Recycled, FSC Certified Chipboard (85% Post-Consumer Recycled / 15% Post-Industrial Recycled) Resleeves from Sustainable Group.

Kin Keezy - "Speak In Spells Promo" 

1. Down & Out & Almost Famous
2. Chrome Shanti
3. Majick Food
4. Ride Or Die
5. Speak In Spells
6. Homecoming Eulogy
7. Piano Tune The Diaster
8. Take It Down feat. Soarse Spoken
9. Animalicious

Anti-Copyright Audio Thrift Shop Records 2009

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