Sunday, December 25, 2011

DJ Qbert: Connecting hip hop with veganism (re-post)

DJ Qbert was born in 1969, but going by his looks, you’d guess he’s about half his age…He’s inquisitive, curious, supremely interested in life, and that’s right y’all, he’s VEGAN!
You may remember him from this commercial. An official Rock Steady Crew DJ and four-time DMC world DJ champion, Qbert is a bona-fide rockstar. Scratching the turntables like a modern day Jimmy Hendrix, Qbert is known for taking scratching and turntablism to the next level. When Qbert walks the streets of Japan, people bow to the master; in the Philippines there’s even more love and appreciation. But in the States, where authentic talent usually takes a back seat to fluff, Q is more underground…nonetheless, a grand master. Q attributes his youthful appearance and continued longevity to—no, not smoking cannabis—but rather to his plant-based diet. In a late night, post-performance interview, Q talks with us about water, being in the zone, and keeping a clear mind. Check this man out…he is a living LEGEND!!!

And doing what he does with his fellow Invisbl Skratch Piklz bandmate:


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