Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One Be Lo - "BEEF"

America consume mo' beef, 
Than every country on the earth 
even toddlers Obese 
A quarter pound burger you can pick on the Menu 
some people don't like it (rare), 
forbidden to Hindu's 
and "vegetarians" won't be beefin against you... 
the same category, 
Pork chicken and fish too 
Get all 'their Protien from Soy, Rice and Beans 
now these vegans on another level, 
rebel to Ice Cream 
It might seem crazy but the flow don't stop 
Hippies say they don't need roast, 
to smoke no pot 
Now da U-S-D-A say "recall that beef" 
cuz the C-O-W was M-A-D 
But the farmers keep fillin'em up, 
We keep killin' for what? 
the "Beef" keep "sizzlin" 
Mike was a "Bull" Now we got King james 
some n!99@z dont like "Kobe" but he still got game 
Who want Beef???

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