Sunday, February 2, 2014

It’s All Love With Myka 9 | The Kitchen Mix

It’s All Love With Myka 9 | The Kitchen Mix (repost)


TKM: Well, you obviously played a role in that project. I think “Mood Food” was the name of the piece you collaborated on. Can you talk about your relationship with food, and specifically how it relates to the creation of your music?
M9: Food, more than just a fuel, calorically speaking – it inspires me because if I eat the right amount of food and right…Ayurvedically speaking, you know I get that energy and then sometimes, like when I eat heavier foods I don’t want to work on music…so, yeah.
TKM: Oh, Ayurvedic huh? Word.
TKM: Well, I know you travel quite a bit, can you talk about food culture in America and how it compares to food culture in other places?
M9: Well, American food I’m used to. And other places, like, you know in the U.K. I don’t really like the meat and stuff…that much, uh…off and on I’m vegetarian. I was vegetarian for like 10 years. And then, I’m flexible now. Um…when I was in Amsterdam I had some Indonesian food that was really good. I was in Japan a couple months ago, I like their food. I steer clear of stuff that’s really gamey and stuff that’s a little bit out of what my pallet’s used to. I have to admit, um…I love Ethiopian food…and Indian food.
TKM: So, you’re really able to appreciate food from cultures outside of the U.S.?
M9: Yeah…
TKM: Are you good at cooking? Do you cook? You get down in the kitchen?
M9: I’m actually pretty good. I season to taste when I cook. And sometimes I use the same seasonings in almost everything that I cook. I end up using a lot of Creole-Cajun seasonings. And um…yeah.
TKM: Is there a recipe you’d like to share, or a dish that you make really well?
M9: I got a good vegetarian spaghetti that I make. And it’s beautiful because I make the vegetarian pasta taste like meat. Yeah…vegetarian pasta – spaghetti.
TKM: Alright, thanks I appreciate your time. We’re gonna hafta try our hand at making our own vegetarian pasta…gluten-free of course.
M9: It’s all love.

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